Know Forgiveness

“Bees will buzz, kissable dandelion fuzz…” The pizza arrived thin crust, NY style. Darcy held her slice by crust. It was limp, bending toward the table. “How do I eat this?”, as she raised the piece above her head and tried a bite from underneath. We explained that you fold it. So she rolled it […]

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Salvation from the Beginning

In the beginning… God said “let there be light”. The first act of Creation. The start of our existence. Light has so many symbolic qualities, light overcoming darkness — good overcoming evil (John 1:5). And the light God created, bursting forth from the sun, has amazing physical properties. This light is not a single color. […]

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Snakes, Lies, and Fear

The kids called our air b&b the Country House. It was behind a slooow moving gate. A large sign warned of imminent crushing… but you would need to be really patient waiting to be compacted. The house was nestled in the woods. There was a little zip line and a creek. A large wood pile […]

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After reading the Hunger Games, Phoebe decided archery was her destiny. Her birthday present became lessons and money from everyone for a bow. New terms and steps were memorized. Phoebe practiced her stance and form — everything still as she aimed at the target. Even the release was simply wiping chocolate from her cheek. A […]

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A Hallow Prayer

It is astonishing how deeply the Lord’s Prayer is rooted in the occult. Of course it draws believers in with “Father in heaven”, but the next line reveals the jack-o-lantern’s light: “hallowed be your name”. As everyone knows the root of hallowed is Halloween. A day revelling in ghosts and ghouls! When you understand this, […]

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