Friends and Swords

“and me” — Meg “and you” — Ezekiel We are teaching MrE to pray more specifically. We guide and ask him to repeat after me. Sometimes prayers for help (“please help Kerianna”). Yesterday we thanked God for family and went through the list: Dad, Mom, I, P, D, and me. We expected Ezekiel to keep […]

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Finding Xmas

Tis the season of houses filled with nativities. Our house is no exception. We have both sacred and mundane. And the kids find ways to play with all of them. Mr E discovered a fabric version. The Magi were not carrying urns or boxes; instead, they had wrapped packages. And our son knows what to […]

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“Bay-der” Perspective

Following Halloween the costumes were 90% off (thanks Target).  So we loaded up for Ezekiel’s birthday. $10 got Han Solo, Lando Calrissian, the Millennium Falcon… but Ezekiel’s favorite by far is the Darth Vader mask. He doesn’t have a very strong dark side — “that’s scary” is one of his most common phrases.  So we […]

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Reading Resurrection

As Christians, when we quote the Old Testament we need to remember it speaks to a world without the cross. It was a world awaiting the Messiah, bound by death. So we must ask ourselves, how are the passage’s words redefined in the light of the resurrection? Unfortunately many believe the Testaments should be placed […]

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Love is Scary

“Knives scare me,” announced Darcy. We weren’t planning to let her carve her own pumpkin and she didn’t want to. She did want to design her pumpkin, and she drew a great picture of a girl holding a heart balloon, shouting “BOO” (a Halloween version of Bansky’s graffiti). Carving the drawing proved difficult (you can still […]

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“How do seeds work?” — Darcy Out of our compost pile grew a vine. At first I thought it might be cucumber, but the leaves grew too large. Then I realized it was a cantaloupe plant. So we let it grow and spread. Of course the first freeze ended its life, with multiple small unripe […]

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My nephew is learning to play Sorry. The board game has new rules just for him. Each player uses only one piece. Every drawn card can take you out of start (official rules allow just #1 or #2). There are no slides. “Sorry” cards are skipped. And everyone gets home… then all of the players […]

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