Good and Evil

I woke up this morning. If I died during my sleep it would have been a tragedy, a “why do bad things happen to good people” moment (whether I deserve the title “good”, folks would say it for Meg and the kids). But that I awoke no one bats an eyes — except to get […]

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“Do you do that EVERY day?” Ezekiel asked as he hopped onto the bed I was making. Yep. Now Move. “Why? (not moving) You are just going to mess it up! What a waste of life!” I looked at the bed and realized, he is right. I am just going to get back in and […]

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“They were there with love in their heart.” My first reaction was to disagree (disgustedly). But then I realized the statement is true… if you have a different definition of love. Many live by the adage: love your neighbor, hate your enemy. This allows love and hate to exist simultaneously in a heart. You can […]

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“Why is the dog all wet?” “I baptized him!” — Ezekiel Drenching the dog would normally lead to discipline… but I couldn’t bring myself to do anything over a baptism. We got towels to dry him off and I asked Meg, “Does Appa look holier?, do you think this means he will sleep in?!” But […]

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Mouse Trap

“Now what the hell do you suppose is eatin’ them two guys?” — Last line from Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men Curly only cares about himself. He shot another man’s dog, because the old dog smelled. And at the violent, heart rending conclusion Curly has already moved on. He doesn’t understand why anyone would be troubled. […]

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