273 Meals

“I was hungry and you gave me something to eat.” — Matthew 25:31-40 Each year Chandler works all Thanksgiving week to prepare meals. Peeling, mashing endless pounds of potatoes. Making pies, adding sides to the turkey and ham. We deliver a meal to anyone who calls in the Northland on Thanksgiving. That morning is full […]

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And a Nutritionist?

MrE’s class earned a bulldog party and they choose a PJs and Movie day. Everyone was supposed to bring a snack. So I grabbed his Halloween candy ziplock. I started to ask him to choose a couple of pieces, but then told him to take the whole bag. Please share with the kids whose parents […]

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Ezekiel is about to turn seven and for his gift we bought him a bean bag. No longer full of beans, this one is full of memory foam. It arrived in a 2×2 square box. Inside was the cover and a plastic wrapped bag of foam. Out of the package the foam started to expand. […]

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“Praise Him for His acts of power.” — Psalm 150:2 Tuesday is Election Day. The ads are nonstop, but in today’s world the church is hit specifically hard. My inbox overflows (where are my spam filters?). And this year, for the first time, I got a Fedex envelope. It was stuffed with pamphlets to hand […]

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My dad is tough. A union shift worker, weightlifter. The only holes in his jeans came from work. His honesty cut through the fluff. I suppose he was afraid, but I have never seen it. His parenting style leaned on, “I will give you something to cry about.” So when I found him reading his […]

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