Initial and Sign Here

“Hostilities may result in my being held hostage, or being stranded and not being able to return home.” – Mission Trip Waiver and my initials… In typical Telephone game fashion  – where a group of kids whisper the phrase down the line – the nurse’s advice became “do not shower.” I had signed off on a […]

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Crowder came out with a new album and my first listen through I misheard part of the lyrics. In All We Sinners, he was singing of Heaven’s gates open, I heard: Saved, we are saved The gates of hell wide open Saved, we are saved The keys to the grave have been stolen This brought […]

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The Doctrine of Flat Tires

“Yet if Americans suspect that Joan of Arc was Noah’s wife, or wonder if the epistles were female apostles, then maybe the solution is to fret less about doctrines and more about actions.” – Nicholas Kristof, NY Times In our search for a new youth pastor, contacting seminaries and looking over resumes, I have been reminded how divided […]

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Crockpots, Ovens, and Fish Tacos

“Which kitchen appliance would you become and why?” Last week new adult volunteers were introduced to the youth with silly questions. My answer to the appliance question was microwave, because it is great at making popcorn and the turntable is a built in amusement park ride. But when I got on a playground spinner with Phoebe […]

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How to Rally

The election cycle has left me reeling. This summer for national reasons, but this week for a local election. Despite the support of the Rally Mantis, Ivy lost her student council bid. The Rally Mantis has a special place in Ivy’s heart. While at the lake in Oklahoma we found a baby praying mantis. Then the Royals […]

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hit with an idea

This past Sunday I mentioned a children’s book It came in the Mail. It celebrates the arrival of the mail and the trauma of finding an empty mail box – Darcy and I always check the mail after reading it. But the story begins when the little boy is hit with an idea, the light bulb bouncing off his […]

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Haiti 2016

I am again preparing to travel to Grand Goave, Haiti. It is a beautiful island country, but it is also broken. It feels as though the country has yet to recover from the 2010 earthquake, but in reality they have recovered to their former poverty. The corruption and dysfunctional infrastructure continue, and Haiti remains the […]

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