As the weather has begun to thaw, the girls have gone back to playing outside. Darcy asked if she and Phoebe could invite Emily to play – the little girl next door. Sure. So off they ran. Megan stood watching from the back door, waiting for their return. Meg, it is just next door, you don’t have […]

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A Wisconsin sheriff deputy pulled up on a highway covered in red. Little red dots, hundreds of thousands. Stepping out of the car he was met with the smell of candy. Looking closer, the highway was covered in red skittles. Only red. The sheriff at first worried children’s rainbows would be incomplete, but then discovered […]

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Cancelling Service

I like to imagine church is the most serious thing happening on Sunday. But when the NFL moved the Chief’s playoff game from noon till seven due to weather, I realized we were probably not having church. But really the warning bells sounds a few weeks earlier when Evan Marr scheduled his baptism. This was his second […]

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Curb Snow

I tried to capture photos of the girls on Saturday but my phone kept dying. I write kept, because it was still half charged. With single digit temperatures and falling snow — the phone would shut down. Back in my the warmth of pocket I could restart it. But it would die right when I took a […]

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Christmas Costs

Yesterday Megan called. The oven was broken. There was a pop, then she looked inside… white fire flames were rising from the bottom. Frankly I was impressed. Baking over an electric fire will surely be a new food trend. But in reality this will put a crimp on Christmas snacking. While our January bodies will praise us, yesterday Megan was sad… Thankfully the fire went out […]

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Santa Who? You?

Santa takes us, as kids, on a imaginative journey. As a toddler the whole concept is easily believable. After all Mom and Dad are not only giants, they seem able to pull things out of thin air. But soon enough reality starts to set in and there are conundrums to ponder. How does a plump man […]

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New Story

Yesterday morning I posted a blog on our vote and this election. I had written it with the idea that anyone could win. But as most everyone else I assumed Hillary would win. After a finance meeting, I guessed I would come home to see a blue board… but I was startled. The night progressed […]

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