Input Output

Ezekiel is full of epic stories. Heroes, monsters, blasters… The ride to school is always an adventure. And if E had his way, we would never wait in line. The cars around us become villains, which we blast with lasers, and imagine them burnt to a crisp. Often he doesn’t use any words, all I […]

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Ezekiel got out at carline and tried to put on a new reversible mask. As he put on the mask he saw a print design, so flipped it over… design, flipped it back… “What is the matter with this thing?!!!” We were running late for school… Grabbing masks, putting on shoes, “Darcy you will have […]

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“I am here today because I believe that Facebook’s products harm children, stoke division, and weaken our democracy.” — Frances Haugen, testifying before the Senate (Article Link). How often have you wished our social media feeds were just family pics, dad jokes, and cat memes? I realize we are the ones sharing and posting… but […]

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Once as a youth minister, I stood before the group with a prize of candy bars. Then I explained the game for the evening. Easter was approaching and I had hidden 10 empty eggs throughout the youth building. The middle schoolers went racing — though I was diligent in hiding — they soon had every […]

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Sit Still!

A Texas company wants to resurrect woolly mammoths… didn’t they see Jurassic Park? Plus, we can’t keep species off the endangered list (polar bears!), do we really want to add more? This morning we were running late. I had E at the table, breakfast set before him. “Quick, we need to eat…”, as I ran […]

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