Church Softball began this past week. I was placed in the all important role of catcher — where you field your worst player. But they keep me around for power hitting 😉 though I actually did hit a legitimate double. Plus a couple singles, a lot of popups, and one strike out… yes, I struck […]

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Submit One to Another

One of the principles that defines Chandler is to value women. We accept God’s calling and work in their life. I have spoken and written much about the importance of reading scripture in context and allowing the complete testimony of scripture to speak (for instance Paul writes, “when women prophesy…”, 1Cor 11:5, before writing “women […]

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shoes of peace

In the midst of summer activity planning, children’s leaders decided to use the Armor of God (Eph 6) as our theme. Starting with the Belt of Truth (or Dare) our Wacky Wednesdays will be a lot of fun! Each week has a different leader and they began to take topics. Susan suggested someone use Shoes […]

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Our church signage was hanging from tall ceilings. No one seemed to notice it. So Outreach Team decided to lower the signs to eye level. My suspicion is that nothing will change. People will keep searching for the restrooms. Maybe if we develop location based texting… “You are near the bathroom.” “Warmer” “Colder” “COLDer” “COLDER!”… […]

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“Out with Karens…” — School board sign in our neighborhood. In January I started volunteering at our school. Monday is my day off, so I go in with the kids at 8:30 and stay till the class has lunch at 11:30. I am not in one of their classes — my goal is to help […]

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