hit with an idea

This past Sunday I mentioned a children’s book It came in the Mail. It celebrates the arrival of the mail and the trauma of finding an empty mail box – Darcy and I always check the mail after reading it. But the story begins when the little boy is hit with an idea, the light bulb bouncing off his […]

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Haiti 2016

I am again preparing to travel to Grand Goave, Haiti. It is a beautiful island country, but it is also broken. It feels as though the country has yet to recover from the 2010 earthquake, but in reality they have recovered to their former poverty. The corruption and dysfunctional infrastructure continue, and Haiti remains the […]

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Break Down

The breaking point occurred at Lowe’s. I had repaired a small part of our wood floor and needed to seal it. I did not want to stain and seal; our floors are the basic amber color. I looked online and found what I needed. Foolishly, I had not checked the “in store” option, so when […]

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“Veggies give wedgies”… “Soy is Joy”… “Rice is Nice”… Around the circle we went. Open the bag, add the vitamins, then a child poured dried vegetables into the funnel, ground soy and rice followed. With each child’s contribution we called out a rhyme. It took awhile to rhyme vegetables and we tried different variations. “Rice brings lice” started […]

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We are about to start our summer small group reading CS Lewis’s The Great Divorce. A church member approached and in jest said, “We are coming, but I worry my wife is a little too interested in the title of this book.” Lewis’s book begins with a reference to Blake’s Marriage of Heaven and Hell.  I […]

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Christmas Cards

With graduations comes the expected congratulations card, as well as a coffee gift card, so young college students can stay awake to study for exams (or at least be awake to get to taco bell at three in the morning). Of course Meg has a box of note cards. I passed over Pinks and flowers – I […]

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Vitriol and Light

I flipped open the cover of Word and Way magazine and there was Martha DeVries. I texted her a congrats, and she quickly replied, “That can only mean one thing… more hate mail. This time from Missourians.” During the Fall’s political season turmoil, with the threats of bans on muslims and fears of worse actions, Martha watched the Muslim […]

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