Mouse in the House

Meg and I were out on a date – the Everlys were at our house watching the kids – when Tim sent a text:🐁 A few days later we encountered our house guest. He (she?) zipped across the floor and under the love seat. We started turning over furniture and our pursuit came down to the […]

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The Race

I paused mid way through the KC “half” Marathon to snap a selfie. This is what I love about running mid pack in a half marathon. It is not cross country meet serious. Everyone mid pack is kind, laid back, encouraging (maybe the leaders are like this too – I wouldn’t know!). Need a bathroom […]

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Missing the Boat

The Tyrannosaurs Rex that guards the entrance to Worlds of Fun fell during the weekend’s storm. I showed the girls the picture during breakfast and this brought on dinosaur questions and soon theology. Phoebe again asked about the seven days of creation. I reminded her that God made dinosaurs before humans were created. Remember, God […]

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Music is Played. Knees are bowed. Stands are taken. Words are spoken. But our nation is not healed. Only more divided. I have wondered how the church may bring healing,  From where will our help come? Then in the midst of this division, as the anthem played, Justin Houston bowed his head in prayer.  “I feel […]

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Underneath the sink our kitchen faucet has a quick connection – which ruptured. I found out this special part – after searching hardware stores and calling a plumber – is also special order. So the “quick” connection adds about a week in delivery time. As we waited for the part, I continued to flip the […]

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After unprecedented rains, images are flowing out of Houston. Many are startling, but many are fake — like the Freeway Shark. My Facebook feed brought a report about a Christian lobbyist whose home was flooded. Of course he previously preached that natural disasters were the wrath of God – an ironic twist. But soon I realized […]

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Space Between

Eclipse day and we woke up to clouds rolling in and then rain. It is now thundering and pouring. But in between the clouds parted and it was breathtaking. With our eclipse glasses we watched the moon slowly cover the sun. First the sun was Pac-man, then it started to look like the waining moon. […]

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