Each Friday I volunteer at an elementary school. Yesterday I worked with a student on spelling and his handwriting was terrible. It appeared he misspelled nearly every word, but as he wrote he also spoke the letters. Listening, I realized he was spelling the words correctly, though they appeared wrong. But I knew he would […]

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Tomatoes and Vision

Matthew 4:18-22 Last week, in a quiet moment, we found Ezekiel covered in tomato. He had taken one from our garden harvest, only we quickly realized he wasn’t eating. There were lines running on the wall and drapes. He wasn’t ashamed or bashful. But as we began to flip out and clean, his voiced quaked, […]

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Does it Matter?

Galatians 5:13-26 Following my message last week — we no longer follow the law to become righteous, we have been made righteous, so now we follow Christ — a youth asked their grandparent, middle school tongue in cheek, “so it no longer matters what we do?” This question seems crazy — especially if you are […]

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Law and Scripture

Galatians 3 Check out verse 22: “But Scripture has locked up everything under the control of sin…” Wait! What? Scripture locked us up?! Throughout this passage, Paul is talking about the Law. The Law reveals sin, but it can not heal our sinfulness. In verse 22 Paul interchanges the word Law with Scripture. Because the […]

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  I want to be strong like Phoebe. — Mr E Not dad, but Phoebe? You can set your muscle goals a little higher… at least high enough to help your dad’s self-esteem! Who we model after matters. If our sights are set on your neighbor’s whatever (house, job, looks)… we may get there, but […]

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Campaigns, Aliens, and Grace

It is still early, but this is the moment. We now know who will be the next President. Bernie Sanders announced, if elected, he will reveal everything the government knows about aliens. Turning Area51 into a national park for family tours — no need to storm it — earns my vote and will win the election! […]

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Essential Toppings?

Galatians 1:6-10 Our family at a Royals game is a constant passing of snacks, bathroom breaks, trips in search of Slugger, with a dash of baseball. The only moment we all focus is the Hot Dog Race. As a good and strong father, I have taught my kids to root for mustard. Which means they […]

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