Wrinkly Faith

I am developing strong laugh lines… what you might call wrinkles. The gray is increasing. My shower now has a screen on the drain to catch my hair. At least the hair that didn’t decide to be reborn on my ears… basically, I am getting older. The youth retreat’s core was a spiritual gifts test. […]

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Unintended Consequence

I try to keep up with the day’s events. I find NPR a good balance. But there are times the news is… well, it explains why we all need medication! But yesterday as I raced home and rushed to get Phoebe to archery, I heard something wonderful. During the pandemic, while we masked and distanced […]

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Ivy got her driver’s permit, and, after a parking lot tour, nervously ventured onto the road. This brought back a flood of memories. Killing the Escort a thousand times — my dad insisted I learn on a stick. While I insisted I didn’t even know how to turn yet! It doesn’t seem that long ago […]

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As we search for a youth minister, I find myself back to planning a youth retreat. Which allows me one of my favorite tasks, t-shirt design. This is where I think my real talent lies… but like any artist, not everyone understands. I sent front and back images to the t-shirt guy. In a third […]

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Our Shot

Fully vaccinated people no longer need to wear masks — CDC The CDC, normally so cautious, surprised me with the announcement. Now Chandler’s Covid Response Team is scrambling to figure out the details for our church (for instance, what does this mean for kids? — while we won’t adjust anything this weekend, changes are coming!). […]

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