Playgrounds and Poop

Of course I sent Meg the pictures of Ezekiel on the slide. Not the picture of the poo he picked up. Nor the excessive amounts of hand sanitizer I poured on his hands.  Phoebe had piano practice at another church in Kearney. While she practiced I took the little ones to the playground. They were […]

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Changing Truth

“The Earth is flat. … It’s right in front of our faces. I’m telling you, it’s right in front of our faces. They lie to us.” — Kyrie Irving, NBA (And maybe Shaq agrees…) This story is a few weeks old, but I just stumbled onto it. I doubt either of us care about the Flat Earth […]

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Kearney’s Spring Clean-up allows us to set big items (tvs to furniture) by the curb and the trash service will take them away. Items are set out the evening before and this attracts junkers. Guys in trucks pulling trailers grab anything that might be of value. This year we set out our couch and loveseat, which […]

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Into the Fire with Love

The images coming out of Syria were horrifying. I was especially broken by a father cradling his dead twins. The picture showed up in my feed the same day Ezekiel had an allergic reaction – hives covering his whole body. Because of peanuts we carry Epi-pens everywhere. Thankfully this was fairly minor – but I was afraid as I […]

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Today Chandler’s Lent Calendar asked us to “Turn off your cell phone… completely. Discover life.” On paper it seemed tough, but the reality of the task became apparent when I left for the church. Megan was at home with what felt like 27 children and no landline. “Completely” seemed a little too far for her […]

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Sit where they Sat

About a month ago a fire burned down a home in the trailer park across the street. Everything was lost and uninsured. We knew the family – the children attend – so our church responded. The morning after the fire an email went out asking for five sets of clothes for the four children (a school week’s worth). […]

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Our Malibu landed in the shop for a few weeks (blown head gaskets, followed quickly by an electrical issue). So my parents let us borrow their little Accent. Dad bought it free of any extras – to avoid electrical issues. So for the first time my girls found themselves staring at a car window handle. As we […]

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