Last night at dinner Ezekiel took his egg roll. He carefully inserted one and then the other chopstick. Then the egg roll lifted off the table, with wings to fly, it raced across the sky. His little voice added the jet engines rocket (he knows more sound effects than words) and imagination took flight. It […]

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Strength in Brokenness

This past week the girls worked together to make cookies. While the mixer turned, they added ingredients. Cups of flour and sugar, sticks of butter churned together. An egg was cracked and then dropped. Shell and all stirred into the dough. Meg quickly turned off the mixer and searched for shells… the big pieces were […]

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Allegedly President Trump complained about immigrants from “shithole nations”. Haiti was one of the nations singled out. The country and people have a special place in my heart. I have traveled there twice (The church is preparing a fourth trip). It is a place full of dysfunction. But the people I have met are full of […]

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Singing Loud for All to Hear

Phoebe:  “I don’t get to sing at school very often.” Me:  “You have choir.” Phoebe:  “Yes, but they don’t like it when I sing during math.”  The children’s program was about to begin when a deacon caught my arm. There was a “situation”. A large man, whose sleeves were tattoos, pulled up in a beat […]

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This morning I apologized for the Chief’s game yesterday. During halftime I sent out an  inclement weather reminder (freezing rain was predicted during Sunday’s services) but I first included a point about the Chiefs who were up 21-3: “No matter how far the Chiefs are ahead… they can always lose. Guard your hearts. (This is […]

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“To live in hope is to adopt a basic stance or direction, like iron filings in a magnetic field. It is to be drawn to something beyond the immediate concerns of everyday, to look to the horizon and to see more than a limit on our vision, and our own possibilities. In short, it is […]

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Mouse in the House

Meg and I were out on a date – the Everlys were at our house watching the kids – when Tim sent a text:🐁 A few days later we encountered our house guest. He (she?) zipped across the floor and under the love seat. We started turning over furniture and our pursuit came down to the […]

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