“I think everyone understands why…” — School Principal We are in the back-to-school mode. Kids are getting schedules and I am sitting through parent meetings. Between cell phone rules and lunch money, a chunk of time is devoted to safety. There is a new entrance, with security doors. “Even if we know you, we will […]

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Into Plowshares

They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. (Isaiah 2:4) There is an old saying, “don’t bring a knife to a gunfight“. Not getting into many fights I have never worried about applying this pithy expression. But this summer our kids are learning about Ephesians 6 and the armor of […]

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“Something happens and I happen to get on a team that has a chance to go play in Canada in the postseason, maybe that changes. But as we sit here right now, I’m comfortable in my decision.” — Whit Merrifield, one of ten unvaccinated Royals who can not play with the team in Canada. Two […]

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Last week I had lunch with my friend and mentor Dave. Yesterday we both tested postive for covid. This lead to a series of texts… I do wonder, did I infect Dave? Of course we are both getting sick at the same time. And our lunch included a non-denominational pastor. Can you really trust those […]

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We bought patio furniture for Meg’s birthday. The boxes were too bulky and heavy to carry around back, so I opened them in the driveway and the kids carried pieces. Ivy was on trip two, while Phoebe slowly meandered with her first piece. I was soon ranting, “if you don’t beat Ivy back you are […]

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