Fifteen minutes before the celebration of life service I realized the mic I set up didn’t work. I rushed to find a replacement. Later, I guessed, I had a bad mic cable, but in the moment, I was switching inputs and mics. I finally grabbed a mic from the music team and drug it across […]

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“Buy a cheap tree, dig an expensive hole.” — Grandpa The first tree I ever planted was with my Dad and Grandpa. Meg and I just bought a little house1 and the yard was bare. So when they visited, Grandpa took me to a nursery. A skilled gardener, he gave me all kinds of pointers. […]

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First Supper

They all sat on one side of the table – better for DaVinci and Instagram. Jesus broke the bread. Passed the cup. Snap the selfie and add the catchy hashtag, #Last Supper. But Jesus would eat again. Jesus would break bread again. So, just like the disciples didn’t sit on one side of the table, […]

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1/2 Marked by the Beast

I am 1/2 to getting my Mark of the Beast, I mean my covid vaccination… You probably heard that a House Representative claimed our covid vaccination cards are, “Biden’s Mark of the Beast”. Hopefully when you heard you laughed. Getting theology from a politician is like following the Sadducees rather than Jesus. (No resurrection!) But […]

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Pan, beyond English definitions of “frying” and “derision”, the Greek root means “all”. This week I received my first Covid vaccination. My brother called and said the event at Independence Center had trouble filling its spots. While I qualify in a roundabout way (I am the supervisor of the Chandler Preschool), the event would take […]

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