Yesterday E’s class had a bulldog party (they earn letters for good behavior). Their party was a day to dress up in costumes. E wanted to wear his Spiderman costume. It has big muscles and buttons with web slinging sound effects. Only E has been growing… and is too big to be Spidey. So earlier […]

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This morning I took the kids to donuts. We got dressed early. We delivered chocolate long johns to Meg at work. We remembered bags, drinks, lunches, masks, even picture day (Darcy did her own hair, which is better… Dad is still not up to the task!), and we made it to school a bit early. […]

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Another Way

Last night the Supreme Court refused to block Texas’s abortion bill (USAToday). This is not the court’s final ruling — the decision was on minutia — still the law will go into effect while legal challenges proceed. As my newsfeed fills up, my personal opinion is in support of “heartbeat laws”. It makes logical sense, […]

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Marks of Kindness

“Where’s my mask?!!” — Ezekiel in carline. Meg is working full-time. So I am in charge of the morning routine. Opening the curtains, dragging kids out of bed. Begging them to eat. Grabbing their lunch… “Phoebe took my lunch!” exclaimed Darcy. P was long gone to middle school. So I first told D to eat […]

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