The Dread of the ninth. Hope dwindling with each out. I stood high in the upper deck of the K with my sister. A season ticket holder, she gave me the ticket. Then Gordon’s swing. The crack of the bat. The ball blistered and sailing. We screamed and cheered. Dread sailed with the ball, Hope […]

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“Swords are for emergencies… like bears or slugs.” — Ezekiel Mr E grabs his nerf sword and slides it through the back of his t-shirt. Now he is ready for anything and runs around the house and backyard. His quote explains it all. While I have encountered a lot of slugs (stomp!), I have not […]

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“Anyone who has been stealing must steal no longer…” (v28) Ponder the church where a missionary must say, “Stop stealing.” My brother is a pastor in downtown Independence. A once wealthy middle class area now blighted. Many churches struggle to make the transition. Many churches change locations. But this church is as diverse as the community.  […]

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Q Who?

In new testament studies there’s a proposed lost gospel. As you know the three synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark, and Luke) are very similar. It has been theorized that Mark, the shortest, was used as a guide by Luke and Matthew. Yet there are sections of Matthew and Luke, not included in Mark, that are nearly […]

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Toilet Meditation

Yesterday Ezekiel set up a stool and a upside down laundry basket outside the bathroom. Then he found Meg. She was now, with a seat and table for her coffee, ready to join him for bathroom time. He does not like to be alone. Which I find hilarious, because my bathroom routine is the exact opposite. Even Mr […]

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