Taco Hats

Thank you for remembering Ivy’s birthday, we completely forgot and didn’t bake a cake. 😉 — text from Meg and I to one of the Chandler’s youth. After yard work at a church member’s house Ivy went with a group to La Fuente. While Ivy was in the bathroom the group told the waiter it […]

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With Me

“The Holy Bible is rated very highly by all the people who supposedly live by it but who in actuality have not read it.” — GQ GQ included The Bible in their “21 Books You Don’t have to Read” (#12). The reaction was what you would expect. Christian complaints of being marginalized. Even ostracized. It fit […]

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“For a long time I thought I’d never farted but then I realized farts and gas are the same thing.” – Phoebe I am reading a book with friends. It is fairly brief, but covers great swaths of Christian thought. My brain knows it knows a lot… but can’t remember where anything is filed. So […]

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Know You

When I was growing up we would play 20 Questions. Fairly simple premise, a person would think of something and the group would have 20 questions to figure it out. Almost always someone would ask, “Is it bigger than a bread box?” I suspect this question was handed down from an older generation. I had […]

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“All these people woke up at 6?!” — Phoebe’s stunned reaction, as she drove to school early for a field trip, at the road filled with cars. I suspect 6am makes everyone feel Phoebe’s statement. At early hours I tend toward morose rambling about the point of our lives.1 Probably because my body wishes I […]

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Lock Out

I read a Time Magazine article about a toddler in China playing with his mom’s phone. As we all know, type in the wrong passcode too many times and our iPhone locks up. What I did not know is that the time compounds with repeated attempts to unlock. This industrious two year old locked his […]

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We are often wandering the house calling our own phone. Meg had mine – asking the girls – asking me – if anyone had seen or taken her phone. Unfortunately our phones are always on silent vibrate (can’t have our ring tones sound during the sermon). So it is not just a listening game, but […]

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