Bradford Pear Hunt

As a kid I lived in Blue Springs, a small town blooming into a large suburb, houses and neighborhoods were growing up everywhere. And in each yard there was a Bradford Pear tree. Including my own. The trees were cheap and easy to grow. Every spring beautiful white flowers burst forth. For a child ready […]

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“…what Europe has given so far to Ukraine — roughly 1 billion euros — it hands to Russia each day for energy purchases.” — Bloomberg, April 7 “Vladimir Putin’s war of aggression runs on the money Russia gets by selling fossil fuels to Europe.” — Editorial, NYTimes Russia’s War in Ukraine is evil. Refugees run […]

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I taught the kids on Wednesday night and provided a bit of translation flare to John 4:14, so a “spring of water welling up” became a “geyser of water springing up”. Hence the mentos and diet coke — this is the action of Jesus that propels us into God’s Love! I let the youngest kids […]

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Last Sunday our stage was transformed. The cross was surrounded by a fountain and pools to symbolize the promise of Ezekiel 47, of John 4 — “the water I give you will become a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” This is the truth of Jesus’s fulFILLment! During the service, as Bev played, […]

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A creative book report asked Phoebe’s class to summarize themes through art. A poem, a painting… Phoebe chose to write a song. Over the weekend she started writing verses, the chorus, marking the notes as she played on her flute. She was still scrambling by the end of the week. But we needed to film. […]

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