“All these people woke up at 6?!” — Phoebe’s stunned reaction, as she drove to school early for a field trip, at the road filled with cars. I suspect 6am makes everyone feel Phoebe’s statement. At early hours I tend toward morose rambling about the point of our lives.1 Probably because my body wishes I […]

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Lock Out

I read a Time Magazine article about a toddler in China playing with his mom’s phone. As we all know, type in the wrong passcode too many times and our iPhone locks up. What I did not know is that the time compounds with repeated attempts to unlock. This industrious two year old locked his […]

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We are often wandering the house calling our own phone. Meg had mine – asking the girls – asking me – if anyone had seen or taken her phone. Unfortunately our phones are always on silent vibrate (can’t have our ring tones sound during the sermon). So it is not just a listening game, but […]

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Last night at dinner Ezekiel took his egg roll. He carefully inserted one and then the other chopstick. Then the egg roll lifted off the table, with wings to fly, it raced across the sky. His little voice added the jet engines rocket (he knows more sound effects than words) and imagination took flight. It […]

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Strength in Brokenness

This past week the girls worked together to make cookies. While the mixer turned, they added ingredients. Cups of flour and sugar, sticks of butter churned together. An egg was cracked and then dropped. Shell and all stirred into the dough. Meg quickly turned off the mixer and searched for shells… the big pieces were […]

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Allegedly President Trump complained about immigrants from “shithole nations”. Haiti was one of the nations singled out. The country and people have a special place in my heart. I have traveled there twice (The church is preparing a fourth trip). It is a place full of dysfunction. But the people I have met are full of […]

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Singing Loud for All to Hear

Phoebe:  “I don’t get to sing at school very often.” Me:  “You have choir.” Phoebe:  “Yes, but they don’t like it when I sing during math.”  The children’s program was about to begin when a deacon caught my arm. There was a “situation”. A large man, whose sleeves were tattoos, pulled up in a beat […]

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