First Supper

They all sat on one side of the table – better for DaVinci and Instagram. Jesus broke the bread. Passed the cup. Snap the selfie and add the catchy hashtag, #Last Supper. But Jesus would eat again. Jesus would break bread again. So, just like the disciples didn’t sit on one side of the table, […]

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1/2 Marked by the Beast

I am 1/2 to getting my Mark of the Beast, I mean my covid vaccination… You probably heard that a House Representative claimed our covid vaccination cards are, “Biden’s Mark of the Beast”. Hopefully when you heard you laughed. Getting theology from a politician is like following the Sadducees rather than Jesus. (No resurrection!) But […]

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Pan, beyond English definitions of “frying” and “derision”, the Greek root means “all”. This week I received my first Covid vaccination. My brother called and said the event at Independence Center had trouble filling its spots. While I qualify in a roundabout way (I am the supervisor of the Chandler Preschool), the event would take […]

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“The Sabbath which I have made, in which I will give rest to all things, is the beginning of an eighth day, that is the beginning of another world.” — Barnabbas, 2nd Century, likely not written by Barnabas Ivy and a group of band friends came to the church to record for a contest. One […]

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Replacing what is Broken

The wind shifted this week and began to blow hard out of the south. It would not stop until it had victory! The first picture was my morning heading out, the second on my return. Now what will happen? The city isn’t going to just leave the sign. The sign will be replaced. Again able […]

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