On Friday: We went to sleep with cool air in our house and woke up with the AC out. So I spent all Friday slow cooking and getting bids for a new unit… On Saturday: We were baked (tempers raised with the temperature) so we headed off to my brother’s house. Sometime in all the […]

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This past week was my nephew Taran’s Gotcha Day. Two years ago the little man arrived from China to meet our family holding posters and cheering. Each year we gather to celebrate and this year we were headed to a splash park. One where there is a “big bucket” that Taran loves to talk about […]

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No Sweat Gifts

Megan’s Birthday is coming. She is also on Team World Vision and training for the KC Half Marathon (TWV brings clean drinking water to Africa.). So I have been in search of the perfect running gifts. I discovered View Sports activewear – their shirts have sweat activated technology. Words show up on the shirt when […]

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Tap Out

Meg and I finally got around to watching LaLaLand. It was not at the top of my list, but Meg was excited. I knew it was a musical and I understand musicals. I can break out with “the hills are alive” (and do occasionally – I am a weird guy), but not really out of […]

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Playgrounds and Poop

Of course I sent Meg the pictures of Ezekiel on the slide. Not the picture of the poo he picked up. Nor the excessive amounts of hand sanitizer I poured on his hands.  Phoebe had piano practice at another church in Kearney. While she practiced I took the little ones to the playground. They were […]

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Changing Truth

“The Earth is flat. … It’s right in front of our faces. I’m telling you, it’s right in front of our faces. They lie to us.” — Kyrie Irving, NBA (And maybe Shaq agrees…) This story is a few weeks old, but I just stumbled onto it. I doubt either of us care about the Flat Earth […]

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Kearney’s Spring Clean-up allows us to set big items (tvs to furniture) by the curb and the trash service will take them away. Items are set out the evening before and this attracts junkers. Guys in trucks pulling trailers grab anything that might be of value. This year we set out our couch and loveseat, which […]

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