Magicians in the Nativity

We three kings of orient are… Matthew 2‘s word Μάγος (Magi) has always proved difficult. From it comes our English word “magic” and it would be literally translated magician. Hence the trouble, so the early church quickly reinvented the Magi as Kings. Modern translations either make the Greek letters into English letters (“Magi”) or translate […]

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Theology of Christmas Vacation

Having watched Christmas Vacation a million times, I only recently noticed its theology. I suppose I was too busy laughing, but mixed between Cousin Eddie in the driveway and blazing sled rides, is the common beliefs of America. You find it when the prayer over a dry turkey becomes the Pledge of Allegiance. It is […]

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Artworks of Jesus are uncountable. But the human man never sat for a sculptor or painter. Every piece is an imagination. The artist takes the gospel truth and tradition (hence Jesus always has thick long hair — where is bald Jesus?!), then it is all filtered through our cultural lens. We can never fully let […]

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Cause and Effect

I poured a cup of coffee, but before I could sit down at my computer, Meg had a task for me. So the coffee sat down while I went to get a ladder. She was up on the counters stringing lights and Ezekiel was playing in the fake snow (actually couch stuffing we bought years […]

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