The jailer brought them into his house and set a meal before them; – Acts 16:34a All of Granny’s possessions are slowly flowing out to the family. Aunt Susie, after a busy day of packing, found the VHS movie recordings. Granny often used the VHS timer to tape movies and watch later. So Aunt Susie […]

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Into the Pit

The concert tragedy in Houston brought me back to the only time I was in a mosh pit. In college I went with my friend Brett downtown to see POD. A Christian band, bent on outreach, one of the other bands led with the chat “F— the world”. A strange moment for my bubble wrapped […]

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After the services on Tuesday we went back to Granny and Grandpa’s house. The old pingpong table was piled up with sandwich making. Then cleared so we could play. Everyone sat talking. Laughing. New babies were passed around (not alway sure they were ready be held by another cousin!). The kids hit the wiffle ball […]

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“He always seems to arrive at the wrong places at the wrong times with the wrong people, outside the walls of the city when the feast is over, with a few crying women.” — Nouwen This is my favorite line from Henri Nouwen’s Wounded Healer. It is a book about ministry in our brokenness. How […]

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Input Output

Ezekiel is full of epic stories. Heroes, monsters, blasters… The ride to school is always an adventure. And if E had his way, we would never wait in line. The cars around us become villains, which we blast with lasers, and imagine them burnt to a crisp. Often he doesn’t use any words, all I […]

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