Phoebe Land

“I want to be like Aunt Audrey when I grow up, only taller.” — Phoebe Over the weekend we entered into an intense Uno game. Darcy loves to win, so when I was first empty my hand she broke into shouts and tears (third game and she had no wins). She threw her cards into […]

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Pony Tails and Life Goals

“Why can’t mom be home!” That quote could be attributed to multiple people this morning. To Darcy, with tears rolling, as she explained the poor quality of my ponytail. To Me, grumbling as I took up the brush again. Or to Ezekiel who just wanted everyone to be happy… at least until I turned the […]

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Taco Hats

Thank you for remembering Ivy’s birthday, we completely forgot and didn’t bake a cake. 😉 — text from Meg and I to one of the Chandler’s youth. After yard work at a church member’s house Ivy went with a group to La Fuente. While Ivy was in the bathroom the group told the waiter it […]

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With Me

“The Holy Bible is rated very highly by all the people who supposedly live by it but who in actuality have not read it.” — GQ GQ included The Bible in their “21 Books You Don’t have to Read” (#12). The reaction was what you would expect. Christian complaints of being marginalized. Even ostracized. It fit […]

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“For a long time I thought I’d never farted but then I realized farts and gas are the same thing.” – Phoebe I am reading a book with friends. It is fairly brief, but covers great swaths of Christian thought. My brain knows it knows a lot… but can’t remember where anything is filed. So […]

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Know You

When I was growing up we would play 20 Questions. Fairly simple premise, a person would think of something and the group would have 20 questions to figure it out. Almost always someone would ask, “Is it bigger than a bread box?” I suspect this question was handed down from an older generation. I had […]

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“All these people woke up at 6?!” — Phoebe’s stunned reaction, as she drove to school early for a field trip, at the road filled with cars. I suspect 6am makes everyone feel Phoebe’s statement. At early hours I tend toward morose rambling about the point of our lives.1 Probably because my body wishes I […]

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