Our Shot

Fully vaccinated people no longer need to wear masks — CDC The CDC, normally so cautious, surprised me with the announcement. Now Chandler’s Covid Response Team is scrambling to figure out the details for our church (for instance, what does this mean for kids? — while we won’t adjust anything this weekend, changes are coming!). […]

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Darcy asked, “Does snot smell?”… I wasn’t sure, but she had the answer, “I’ll bet we can’t smell snot because it is always in our nose!” Which made me wonder, does everything our noses sense have a bit of a snot smell? Would everything smell different if snot didn’t exist?! As Shakespeare put it, “would […]

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My Granny grew up during the depression. One of eight. She had never had a bicycle all her own. Now married, she was washing dishes and could see Grandpa pull up after work. He happily hopped out of the car, then reached into the back and pulled out a new bicycle… This week, deep asleep, […]

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Blue Screens and Bibles

For Sunday’s creative element I built an amazing blue screen. Amazing, not in quality, but that taping blue scrapes together hung from the ceiling tiles worked! This allowed the video to transport us to a new reality, with double rainbows and cows (prepare your imagination for Sunday). Scripture’s words transport us to a new possibility. […]

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Fifteen minutes before the celebration of life service I realized the mic I set up didn’t work. I rushed to find a replacement. Later, I guessed, I had a bad mic cable, but in the moment, I was switching inputs and mics. I finally grabbed a mic from the music team and drug it across […]

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