A creative book report asked Phoebe’s class to summarize themes through art. A poem, a painting… Phoebe chose to write a song. Over the weekend she started writing verses, the chorus, marking the notes as she played on her flute. She was still scrambling by the end of the week. But we needed to film. […]

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Beyond Expectations

I asked the Stage Design Team (Jessica, Kim, and Karlan) if they could create water on stage. Maybe put down some blue plastic… out some cardboard waves… This was on Wednesday – for Sunday, so I thought they may even say, “no, not enough time.” Instead by yesterday they had built this: Now they are […]

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Light and Dark

“Light will win over darkness.” – Volodymyr Zelenskyy Right at the beginning of the conflict, awed by the bravery of President Zelenskyy, we bought this shirt. Meg has a matching one. Proceeds go to the Red Cross’s effort in Ukraine. The words are powerful and hopeful — all the more spoken by the man who […]

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I have said that April Fools is for Royal’s fans who think our team has a chance… but this year – as owners and players fight and games are cancelled – it seems all baseball fans are the fools. And the most frustrating thing is that their fight isn’t about fixing baseball. The sport is […]

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The day after I shoveled the drive, Ezekiel was using the shovel to put the snow back on the driveway. “What are you doing?” “I am covering the driveway.” But you notice he is in Avatar PJs, with no shoes. Typical February, the weather is all over the map, and the snow isn’t staying on […]

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