We bought patio furniture for Meg’s birthday. The boxes were too bulky and heavy to carry around back, so I opened them in the driveway and the kids carried pieces. Ivy was on trip two, while Phoebe slowly meandered with her first piece. I was soon ranting, “if you don’t beat Ivy back you are […]

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Imagine with me a theater. All the actors on stage. There is some urgent development as they speak back and forth to one another. But then silence. They all turn, waiting for one actor… but he says nothing. The director, breaks in, “You missed your line!” “No, I did not, I just thought my line […]

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Our church garage sale had fancy glasses – real crystal. Beautiful. But stamped right inside, “24% lead”?! As someone who does not own any crystal, lead content was news to me. And sure enough, crystal contains and leaches lead. Using it regularly is dangerous (including an FDA warning). As a child, probably from Home Alone […]

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This morning, at end of swim lessons, Ezekiel’s instructor announced she would be gone next time and the class would have a sub. With delight MrE shouted, “Yes! Maybe it will be Mrs Braughton!” Mrs Braughton was Ezekiel’s amazing Kindergarten teacher. Splendid in every way… still I am not sure she wants to teach swim […]

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I waved as Ivy drove off to volunteer at the elementary summer school. Then I saw my keys… still hanging in the mailbox… “Oh, that is where I left them!” Overnight, in the rain. My keys, my wallet, my wedding ring… are constantly missing (I suppose many other things are lost too, I just won’t […]

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