“Praise Him for His acts of power.” — Psalm 150:2 Tuesday is Election Day. The ads are nonstop, but in today’s world the church is hit specifically hard. My inbox overflows (where are my spam filters?). And this year, for the first time, I got a Fedex envelope. It was stuffed with pamphlets to hand […]

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My dad is tough. A union shift worker, weightlifter. The only holes in his jeans came from work. His honesty cut through the fluff. I suppose he was afraid, but I have never seen it. His parenting style leaned on, “I will give you something to cry about.” So when I found him reading his […]

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How much is your privacy worth? Mine is fairly cheap. All it takes is a small crisis over insurance costs and wondering how we will afford insuring Ivy. A teenage driver doubled our cost. So, with a big 6month bill on the way, I started price shopping. Multiple places had offered better deals (some epic, […]

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20 Quadrillion

20 Quadrillion Ants. Quadrillion comes after trillion1. That makes 25 million ants for every one of the 8billion people on earth! Having lived with, been bitten, and then murdered many fire ants, my first thought was… if the ants turn on us, we are doomed! But my next thought was of Antman and the Garden […]

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The New Colossus

Common phrases arise and become slogans, taking on new meaning. To “make America great” has always had meaning. But now it means something very specific. Just as the idea that “America is a Christian nation” has often been said, but each generation interprets it differently. Both of these phrases today are tied up in a […]

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