Q Who?

In new testament studies there‚Äôs a proposed lost gospel. As you know the three synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark, and Luke) are very similar. It has been theorized that Mark, the shortest, was used as a guide by Luke and Matthew. Yet there are sections of Matthew and Luke, not included in Mark, that are nearly […]

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Over the weekend I developed a cold. Congested, cough, sore throat. Nothing major, but no one wants to risk others. So I went to the church early Sunday and filmed the welcome, prayer time, and message. All alone I hit record then hurried to the stage. As I rushed back to hit stop, I wondered […]

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“I just wish you trusted God more.” As a pastor few lines rile me more than suggesting I don’t trust God. I can’t remember hearing this line before the pandemic, but over the past few months I have heard it multiple times. The most recent was from someone who wanted to rent our fellowship hall […]

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My Freedom

This image showed up in my facebook feed (linked to this article). Obviously the quote is disturbing. If it was “MY Health” it would not have been so troubling… but to tie my liberty to others’ health, to the over 58,000 people who have died alone (and counting). This highlights selfishness. Which exists in every […]

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degaje — Haitian phrase “to make do with what you have” Jenny, our missionary in Haiti, stays in a simple two room house when in the mountain community. One room is used to store tools, the other for her bed and kitchen. There was a small courtyard, but the fence was falling down (I use […]

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