1/2 Marked by the Beast

I am 1/2 to getting my Mark of the Beast, I mean my covid vaccination… You probably heard that a House Representative claimed our covid vaccination cards are, “Biden’s Mark of the Beast”. Hopefully when you heard you laughed. Getting theology from a politician is like following the Sadducees rather than Jesus. (No resurrection!) But […]

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Participation Trophy

“Most women can’t be trophy wives, but you know … maybe you’re a participation trophy.” — Steward Allen Clark, Baptist Pastor… of course it was a Baptist Pastor. On Sunday I was pulled aside, “I have a sermon topic for you… tell all the women to quit wearing sweatpants and lose weight!” The absurdity of […]

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Potter and the Enneagram

Meg and I graduated from SBU, a conservative Christian college. She was an English Education major (and Theater/Communications Major — amazing lady!) and one of her professors was lamenting the effects of modern children’s literature. She specifically mentioned a few books kids should avoid, including Harry Potter. The Sorcerer’s Stone had just been printed in […]

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Doves and Pigeons

“Pigeons and doves share certain features which is why there is no strict division between them.” (from the wonderfully titled pigeonpedia.com) What is the difference between a dove and a pigeon? It seems a dove by any other name would be a pigeon. But, honestly, does a pigeon smell as sweet as a dove? Doves […]

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Theology of Christmas Vacation

Having watched Christmas Vacation a million times, I only recently noticed its theology. I suppose I was too busy laughing, but mixed between Cousin Eddie in the driveway and blazing sled rides, is the common beliefs of America. You find it when the prayer over a dry turkey becomes the Pledge of Allegiance. It is […]

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