Salvation from the Beginning

In the beginning… God said “let there be light”. The first act of Creation. The start of our existence. Light has so many symbolic qualities, light overcoming darkness — good overcoming evil (John 1:5). And the light God created, bursting forth from the sun, has amazing physical properties. This light is not a single color. […]

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Of course it was the Pastor

A trade brought Ben Zobrist to the Royals in the summer of 2015. He became a key part of the Royals Championship. Not only a good player. He was a devoted Christian, committed to the church. Loved his family. I hoped he would stay Royal, but he became a Cub the following season. Winning another […]

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1/2 Marked by the Beast

I am 1/2 to getting my Mark of the Beast, I mean my covid vaccination… You probably heard that a House Representative claimed our covid vaccination cards are, “Biden’s Mark of the Beast”. Hopefully when you heard you laughed. Getting theology from a politician is like following the Sadducees rather than Jesus. (No resurrection!) But […]

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Participation Trophy

“Most women can’t be trophy wives, but you know … maybe you’re a participation trophy.” — Steward Allen Clark, Baptist Pastor… of course it was a Baptist Pastor. On Sunday I was pulled aside, “I have a sermon topic for you… tell all the women to quit wearing sweatpants and lose weight!” The absurdity of […]

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Potter and the Enneagram

Meg and I graduated from SBU, a conservative Christian college. She was an English Education major (and Theater/Communications Major — amazing lady!) and one of her professors was lamenting the effects of modern children’s literature. She specifically mentioned a few books kids should avoid, including Harry Potter. The Sorcerer’s Stone had just been printed in […]

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