Boy Caught

“Nobody cares about the Uyghurs.” – NBA WARRORS Part Owner The Olympics are about to start. Triple axel spins, snow slalom rush, even curling sweeps — the one sport I feel we could get a group together and compete… yet in the all the pomp, the FBI reminded our athletes to buy burner phones. Frightening, […]

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“You need to find your calm place.”– Ezekiel A stressful day found me at home. Our new phones had arrived, but things were not going smoothly. My old phone had not transferred over (and was only partially back up in the cloud — I am too cheap to pay for more space), so I was […]

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Ezekiel got out at carline and tried to put on a new reversible mask. As he put on the mask he saw a print design, so flipped it over… design, flipped it back… “What is the matter with this thing?!!!” We were running late for school… Grabbing masks, putting on shoes, “Darcy you will have […]

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“The heavens will disappear with a roar; the elements will be destroyed by fire, and the earth and everything in it will be laid bare.” – 2Peter 3:10 This week’s UN Climate Report gave dire predictions.1 It outlines a path where it is not God who destroys the world with fire, but – as we […]

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Salvation from the Beginning

In the beginning… God said “let there be light”. The first act of Creation. The start of our existence. Light has so many symbolic qualities, light overcoming darkness — good overcoming evil (John 1:5). And the light God created, bursting forth from the sun, has amazing physical properties. This light is not a single color. […]

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