Breaking Eggs

As I shared on Easter, in the middle of dying eggs, Ivy dropped one. Which happens, but the shell didn’t just crack. Liquid started to seep. Startled, she asked, “what is happening?”, as the egg fully cracked in her hands. Of course, we confused our fresh and hard-boiled eggs. Meg was frustrated, but the rest […]

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Spring is finally arriving – in more ways than one. The past six months at Chandler have been difficult. Multiple couples left our church. While I suspect there are many reasons, theological was the reason most often given. For me, the church started to feel dark and cold, as I bounced from one struggle to […]

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On Saturday afternoon I found the boy scouts were using our parking lot for ice hockey, and church on Sunday was going to be difficult. What is good for hockey is bad for hips. So here is a quick thought from today’s message, I hope it helps spur your worship from home. Occasionally my aunt, […]

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Phoebe Land

“I want to be like Aunt Audrey when I grow up, only taller.” — Phoebe Over the weekend we entered into an intense Uno game. Darcy loves to win, so when I was first empty my hand she broke into shouts and tears (third game and she had no wins). She threw her cards into […]

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Kearney’s┬áSpring Clean-up allows us to set big items (tvs to furniture) by the curb and the trash service will take them away. Items are set out the evening before and this attracts junkers. Guys in trucks pulling trailers grab anything that might be of value. This year we set out our couch and loveseat, which […]

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Cancelling Service

I like to imagine church is the most serious thing happening on Sunday. But when the NFL moved the Chief’s playoff game from noon till seven due to weather, I realized we were probably not having church. But really the warning bells sounds a few weeks earlier when Evan Marr scheduled his baptism. This was his second […]

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Haiti 2016 — After a week of work, Sunday was a literal day of rest. We went to church, ate lunch, and then drove to the beach. Since Hurricane Matthew, it has continued to rain so the dirt roads were now mud puddles. It was so sloppy that our truck was sliding and fishtailing, which forced us to pull over and walk the last […]

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