My Freedom

This image showed up in my facebook feed (linked to this article). Obviously the quote is disturbing. If it was “MY Health” it would not have been so troubling… but to tie my liberty to others’ health, to the over 58,000 people who have died alone (and counting). This highlights selfishness. Which exists in every […]

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degaje — Haitian phrase “to make do with what you have” Jenny, our missionary in Haiti, stays in a simple two room house when in the mountain community. One room is used to store tools, the other for her bed and kitchen. There was a small courtyard, but the fence was falling down (I use […]

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Taxes and Fuel

“That is the key to history. Terrific energy is expended – civilizations are built up – excellent institutions devised; but each time something goes wrong. Some fatal flaw always brings the selfish and cruel people to the top and it all slides back into misery and ruin. In fact, the machine conks. It seems to […]

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Fear Virus

As I drove the girls to school, NPR reported in the background. More about coronavirus. Phoebe and I were talking, barely noticing, but Darcy stopped us, “what are they talking about?!” I explained it was a new virus making people sick in China. She had overheard people died. I told her not to worry, “only […]

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Ripping up Halftime

We don’t need stripper poles at the halftime show! — You want women to wear burkas! The Super Bowl parade didn’t need to spray the crowd with beer! — Let the champs have a little fun! Refuse your handshake — Rip up your speech I did not watch the state of the union. But the […]

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