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10 Pin: Following Christ in Everyday Life (A study for new Christians)

I am far from a professional bowler and I must admit the 10 pin is my arch enemy. The ball will seem to be a perfect roll, but when the dust settles there in the corner stands one lone pin… You have accepted Christ as your savior – walked down the aisle and told the church, but now what? This book is designed to help new Christians realize there is more to faith. To help enable them to move beyond the church aisle toward following Christ in their everyday life.

10-Pin ~ 10-Pin-Book (For printing as a booklet)

Choir Tour

2007: We Are Not Alone (Daily Bible studies)


As we head out on tour, we go to proclaim the story of the day our planet was visited. This visitor could have overwhelmed us with destruction, but instead he came in peace; more, he came to save us. This simple fact runs so deep, we will never be able to experience the complete truth of our God. Knowing Him is like playing Galaga, always another level to experience. Over the coming days join in learning more of one who has come from above!

We Are Not Alone ~ We are Not Alone Book

2008: By Faith (Daily Bible studies)


In one of my favorite parts of the Toy Story series Mrs. Potato helps her “spud” prepare for the mission to save Woody by packing his angry eyes. Of course when the big moment comes for him to use the eyes he reaches back and pulls out his spare set of shoes! He charges the enemy… and keeps charging right on by! As we set out on mission I wonder if we are prepared. Do we even know how to handle ourselves if problems arise or are we just grasping for whatever “truth” we can reach (running around with shoes for eyes)? Worse, I wonder if we have even packed-are we striving off empty?

By Faith ~ By Faith Book

2009: BIG Boss Tour (Daily Bible Studies)

BIG Boss

We live in a chaotic world and in all honesty it is hard to find any hope. We know the world’s only hope is in Christ; yet our relationship with Him rarely inspires anyone around us. How can we become liberators? … In the love of Christ we must imagine a new world. Not a pretend world, but the vision God has for this world. We must envision the life God created for us (take MLK’s “I have a Dream” speech, he imagined a new reality!). We must imagine God reigning over our world that includes fast food, Wal-Mart, and even Bruce Springsteen… Then we live the vision. (These files are big so they will take a few moments)

BIG Boss ~ BIG Boss book

2010: Our Strength (Daily Bible Studies)

We step into the life of an original super hero. A man who could tear apart a lion and carry away the gates that protected a city… Yet Samson had an Achilles heel, not just his hair, but a whole life that had lost perspective on true strength…

Our Strength ~ Our Strength Book


2007: Flatline

The purpose of this weekend is to re-teach our students about their decision. It was not a choice on fact, but a commitment to follow Christ out of darkness into the light. A decision to let our own wills die-hence Flatline-as we allow the will of Christ to lead. An act of trust which will culminate-as we see when the prodigal son returns (Luke 15)-in the magnificent embrace of the Father!

Flatline Literature

2008: Frontpage – Beyond Church Walls


When I read the front page of a newspaper I am stunned by the dark violence of this world: schools failing, government debt, environmental crisis, starvation, disease, bombs, and wars. The newspaper is littered with suffering and rarely a glimpse of hope. Yet, as I move about town I see steeples and crosses on many buildings. The hope of a world aflame with death is a flood of Christ, but Christians seem to be stuck in their buildings.

Front Page Literature

2009: Bought

Bought Barcode

We live in a world where everything has a price. And this extends far beyond the shopping mall. Good grades require time and brains. Friends require opinions and attitudes (sometimes they even have a certain dress code!).   Over time we will find we are not products of our own making, but products of the things in which we are involved! For while we thought we were the ones buying in reality we were the ones being bought…So then the question is not if we have sold out, but to whom?

Bought Literature

Sean the Speaker…

A Contemporary Sermon

Reach Television Broadcast

PovertyI was the speaker on the Reach Television broadcast:

Contemporary Sermon

Chasing the Star I often deliver the message in contemporary when Greg is gone. This past December I made speacial bulletins that did not have service orders. Instead they included images that distract us from pursuing God’s purpose in our lives (Contemporary Bulletin). I also made a video which played off the “I am a PC” commercials and instead everyone said, “I am a minister”.

Check out the “I am a Minister” Video

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