Rebuilding Haiti

Our TeamIn May a team of eight is heading out from Chandler to return to Grand Goave, Haiti. This is our second trip to the region. While there we will build a rubble house for a local family.

Though it has been five years since the 7.0 magnitude earth, the community is far from rebuilt. During the earthquake the concrete buildings of Haiti literally crumbled. Haitians are without the financial resources to move the rubble, much less rebuild. So piles of rubble, once homes, still mark the land today.

Sean on top of the Wall Yet out of this destruction new homes are literally being built with walls made of rubble.  Chicken wire and rebar framed walls are built atop a concrete foundation. Then lines of volunteers bring wheel barrows of broken building’s remains. Buckets are filled with the crumbled pieces and poured into the wall frames (you can see me on top of the wall pouring rubble). A thin concrete layer covers and smooths the wall. A roof is installed. Then a Haitian moves from a tent into a house. Into a home…

Click here for details of the Floor Plan and Wall Section.

We are partnering with a group called Conscience International (through the CBF). Click here to learn more about the project.

A University ran tests on the rubble house design and were impressed with the results. Click here for details. 

Rebuilding Haiti Support Pray Go

Support: The trip will cost each person $1650. I hope to be able to raise these funds through the generosity of friends and family. If you would like to make a donation there are two ways. You use either way to donate to other team member and all your gifts are tax deductible:

1. Donate online with your debit or credit card at www.chandlerbc.org/haiti2015

2. You may mail payment to Chandler Baptist Church. Please mail the Haiti Trip Donation Form to Chandler Baptist Church 11401 Hwy 33 Liberty MO 64068

Pray: Please join me in prayer for the team. That everyone will easily raise funds. And pray that we will add a few members to our team… maybe even yourself! More Prayer details will be coming, as we get closer to the trip.

Go: We have until the end of February to set the final count for our team. If you would like to go, we would love to have you join us! (If you are located out of state, then we could route your plane tickets to meet up with us. This could change final cost, higher or lower.)

The trip will leave Saturday May 9th through 16th. The cost of $1650 covers every part of the trip except passport, immunizations, and travel meals. Please email me and I can give you more details: sean@chandlerbap.org.

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