The government requires automobiles to carry 150 pounds per passenger. This might seem like a fine amount, but the average 30 year old adult in our country weighs 158 (and the average rises the older we get!). Most cars exceed the requirement and often children are the passengers, but it begs the question why the government cut it so close. The answer is that the regulation is old, but it emphasizes how quickly the US has put on weight (gaining 24 pounds since 1960). It also reveals the danger of abundance when it is consumed, rather than shared. While parts of the world starve, our waistlines are growing (and growing). Our inability to share not only hurts others, but hurts ourselves. Rather than feeding the world we are stuffing our own faces, creating obesity, heart problems, even endangering ourselves while we drive! Check out the comic by Rick McKee (Jacob’s dad)! 

One thought on “Obese

  1. Sean,

    Last night’s message was a great example of our selfishness and a reality check for those of us not offering spiritual food to our friends and family. I know I needed to hear it.

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