Upside Down


We went to see Meg’s folks in Tulsa for Thanksgiving and they decided to give Ivy her Christmas presents early. One thing she recieved was a new dollhouse. It was great, three stories with furniture and it included a little family. We sat down to play with her and I set the mom and the dad at the table, pretending to discuss what was for dinner (“I want vegetables” “WHAT?! We are beef eaters”). But Ivy picked up the dad, took him to the third story, then chucked him out the window! I shouted “AHHH”, mimicking a falling person and Ivy thought this was great. From then on she grabbed the mom, baby, or dad and pushed them out the window, yelling “AHHHH”! She would laugh and do it again… Playtime Upside Down.

As we head into the holidays one of our favorite Christmas stories is the visit of the wise men (check out Matthew 2:1-12). They come bearing gifts for the young child. They find him not in a palace, but they give him gifts worthy of the king! We often look at this passage as reason for the gifts we give at Christmas, but our giving does not compare. While they give to Christ, we only give to our own families… Christmas Upside Down.

All of us, if Jesus were to appear in the room would gladly buy him a meal or give him our own bed. Really we would fight over the chance to hang out with him. Yet in Matthew 25:31-46 we discover how giving to the poor, the oppressed, the friendless, the old is like giving to Christ himself! Of course how often are we the ones passing by, forgetting, making fun of the people who are Jesus. This Christmas I continue the challenge to find a way to give a gift  to Christ. Each Dive Team has come up with a way to give. So join together and turn the world’s shopping holiday upside down… Celebrate the real Christmas by giving to Christ!


One illustration I used in the lesson on Wednesday was Muggle Quidditch. CLick on the picture to go the USA Today article and make sure to check out the video!

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