Colored Beautiful…

Me and Ivy

I know many of you wonder what I do all week and I admit most of my time is spent honing my Wii and X-box skills… I am kidding-I do all kinds of things throughout the week from planning Plunge to “exciting” staff meetings. And on Fridays I, along with Keith, visit the hospitals. We normally visit people your grandparents age, but this week we saw Anna Huston (she was born premature last year, along with her twin brother, Bennett, who passed away only months later). She is a beautiful baby, with lots of chunk (“thunder thighs” is what her mom says-fat babies are so cute). While we looked on, she kicked her legs and played with all the cords attached to her little body…

It is strange how the world works. Things that are colored beautiful can quickly turn dark. These moments make you cry-which is ok-and they make you ask why? Why have I been blessed with Ivy? Why does Anna struggle everyday to live? But the answers are illusive. I can point to the destruction of sin, but to watch a baby struggle…

Join with me in praying for Anna Huston. Do not be scared to ask for a miracle-God is big. Ask Him to move, to save, to heal Anna!

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