Plunge: On Mission

On Friday the March Mission Maddness speaker mentioned how he loves to listen to rap music. He will drive around town – windows down – and blare the music… That evening one of his youth grabbed the cd out of his car and put it into the church van cd player. So they drove down the road with the rap music blaring. Of course the youth minister was angry, but not just because they had taken the cd. He was also upset because what was ok to listen to while driving around town was not ok to listen to while driving on a mission trip…

Sitting on the back row Andy and I had a conniption! This guy was completely wrong! What you listen to in your car driving around town should be no different than what you would listen to driving to a mission trip. We might think of the mission trip as something special, something spiritual and we would be right, BUT so is every trip. We are always on mission for God! Every moment is an opportunity to serve and worship God. On bus going to school is a chance to worship. Sitting in math class is chance to serve.

The youth minister made the mistake of dividing his life into boxes. A church van trip to do mission work was God’s time, but driving around town in a car… well, that was his time. Or course we all do this. We make certain moments OUR time. But in reality every moment should be a God moment: a chance to be on mission, a chance to worship!

This does not mean we have to read our bible 24 hours a day or listen only to Christian music. Or course sometimes we will, but most of the time we will live “normal” life. Go to school, play x-box, watch movies or tv, hang out with friends, play sports, eat dinner… yet rather than these becoming our moments, we must make them God moments. How can you play Guitar Hero and serve God? Well for one check out the Crowder video below, but in another we can love and encourage our friends rather than ridicule. We can praise God for fun times. We can share with our brother or sister – even let them play with us!

“And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus.” ~ Colossians 3:17

March Mission Madness Click here to See March Mission Maddness Photos. I only got pics from my site, if you have more email them to me!

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