Rambling on… and more to come…

Ok my article last week was a little long and it created a multitude of questions! So I am working on an article to elaborate (meaning I will make it even longer!). Plus I will try to be a tad more accurate, since the 1 Corinthians section had a Greek error… (It is startling I could ever make a mistake-Megan was stunned-But do not worry I have corrected it online. Take a look back at the article, A Woman? #2). I hope to have the article posted soon! If you want to recieve an email update when I post click here (or you can use the link on the sidebar).

    For this week I promised to outline specific women in the scripture, but that will come next week as well… I know this will be upset many of you and please know that it is ok to be sad… kidding… Check out some important announcements below:

This Sunday is the last chance to bring cans in the CAN WARS battle and it is the beginning of Youth Week. You can see the week’s schedule below and remember this Sunday we will be going to the preschool and children’s department to see where your student will teach next week. So please be on time!

FINDit is this Wednesday. We will be lead in worship by Unhindered (remember camp!) and laugh at the magic of Matt Fore.

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