Plunge: Weighing Godliness

 Intro:  When I was little my little sister came down the stairs in her new Easter dress and asked how she looked. I of course answered truthfully, “UGLY”! Which sent her upstairs crying…

Sometimes right and wrong is easy to discern, but other times it is tough to know how we should live. Take Greg’s sermon this past Sunday, what is right or godly when it comes to creation? For instance using cotton diapers instead of disposable is often raised up as a way to be environmentally friendly, yet a recent NYTimes article claims the difference is negligible (click on the pic, half way down the page). As thing become so complicated, what are we do?




Please take time to read Judges 3:12-28 ~ This is one of the best pure stories in the Bible, but what is the theological meaning? When we call out God will bring help-but often that help comes in the form of us taking action!

Who is the fat man today? ME! I took the internet test Greg mentioned and found that it would take 3.7 worlds to support my lifestyle (if everyone were to live like me-since so many are in poverty things function just fine with my lifestyle… ??? !!!). Click on the picture if you would like to take the test!

1Timothy 4:7-8 “7 … train yourself to be godly. 8For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.”

 Becoming Godly is not simple. We must practice it, we must train our spirits (just like a runner must train his or her body)! Today, I was given a sapling in a little plastic pot. It will grow into a beautiful purple maple, but for now it is tiny. Let us imagine that I watered it everyday, but never planted it into the soil. What would happen? It might stay alive, but it would never grow into a tree. In the same way, your Christianity must move beyond just Sunday School or Plunge, to an encounter with the rich soil found in scripture and prayer! To be planted in relationship with Christ!

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