Jake in Croc

   My little brother is moving to Croc, Mexico as a missionary. Of course many of you know him as a D-Now leader the past two years. While there one of his major tasks will be building houses for the people. In the picture a youth group who spent a week in Croc stand in front of one of the completed houses. The structure is a simple 16×12 concrete house with a tin roof. It has two doors, two windows, three light, and six outlets-which puts in perspective how much we have. This could be a shed in our back yard, but no of us would live in a house like this… much less be grateful to own one!

   Over the past weeks our pastor has laid down challenges to break free from our addiction to self. To break free from our materialism. I wonder if any of us are listening? And as Jake moves to Mexico I am again challenged. Will my foundation be built on possessions or will I sacrifice to rest on the foundation laid by the carpenter… the son of God.

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