God Empowered

“Later that day a lady asked us to come work on a Youth Front house built about three years ago. If enough things were plugged in and it was raining the doors of the house would become electrified so that they would shock you if you touched them (not a super-strong shock, but enough to hurt). Without going into too much detail, electricity here in Croc is a little magical. Everyone steals it and they’re is no code whatsoever. Plus our houses have a metal-mesh interior for the walls, so things can get a little crazy…” (God Empowers, posted on June 24, click on the image to go to the article)

  Of course my little brother is not a master carpenter much less a certified electrician, still, he was able to easily discover and fix the problem (the wires were crossed at the breaker box). But the family-electrocuted with every hard rain-dealt with this problem for years and were in awe Jacob was able to fix things so quickly.

  But we all have problems that show up every time it rains (figuratively). When we get in trouble we lash out in anger or when someone was mean at school we take it out on our little brother or when we don’t get enough sleep… Yet the answer to our problems is just as simple, but we must allow Christ to enter our lives and create change. And I wonder if we are willing?

*** I know my camp pictures were a little lacking this year, but you can check them all out on the picture page slide show, click here!

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