Stupid…and yet we continue


My friend sent me these pictures of a wrecked semi truck (the driver was miraculously fine!) as a reminder of something stupid I once did… I was then a youth minister at a small church and I took the church van to Sam’s Club to buy long folding tables. When I brought them out of the store I realized they would not slide under the seats or fit down the side aisle, so I stacked all four on top of the bench seats. Then I hopped into the drivers seat and took off slowly. But at the first turn the tables began to slide everywhere! So I decided to pull over and secure the tables when the car in front of me hit its breaks. I off course hit mine which sent the tables careening forward. The first two hit the back of my seat, the third hit my head, and the forth went right over my head smashing the rearview mirror and spider webbing the entire glass windshield…

If you have not already, you will do a bunch of stupid things. I suppose it is only grace which keeps the world moving! It is certainly not me!

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