Lost in Germany – Day One

The Germany Tour is off to a great start. Things started with a bump as my and Annette’s names were on the terror watch list (though I was supposed to be a 60something lady…), but we landed safely and as I type I am looking at the Alps from our balcony window – amazing! Another plus, we have yet to lose a student. There was some debate as Michael Toomey scaled the Neuschwanstein Castle mountain – his father pondered how he could spend the life insurance…

To Help the page open I am placing the pictures on a new page, click below!


At the Airport

The plane was delayed a few hours, but the students took it in stride…

[rockyou id=118738843&w=500&h=375]


In Munich…

After struggleing to sleep during the all night plane ride, we could barely keep our eyes open during the tour of Munich and the Place Nymphenburg…

[rockyou id=118739964&w=500&h=375]

5 thoughts on “Lost in Germany – Day One

  1. Thanks for the pics. Looks likes loads of fun! We love you all!
    Kathy and Jane

  2. I love the pics and I really appreciated hearing from you yesterday morning. The good morning Greg was a wonderful beginning for our Sunday.

    I know that Germany will never be the same again!

    We are all proud, honored and excited for what you are doing.

  3. On the picture of Carolyn McPherson, on the first slideshow, I honestly thought that was Steve Martin sitting on the bench in the background. I’m a little sad that I was wrong.

  4. Sounds like – and looks like – you are having a great trip! Wish I was there! Will continue to pray for safe travel and awareness of God’s presence! See you soon. C.

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