Balloon’s Burst GPA

Steve McPherson showed me an interesting tidbit. The University of Iowa studied the impact on a student’s GPA between those who attended a religious service compared with those who did not.  Of course I was not surprised to learn that the students who attended services got better grades than those who never attended. The surprise came by the size of the jump, a .144 increase in GPA. This jump was greater than the jump for students whose parents received a four-year college degree compared to students whose parent only graduated from high school (.12 increase)!!!   Click here for the news article.

So if anyone questions the value of blindfolded balloon   popping we can respond that science has proved Plunge makes us more prepared for school!

(Is that what the study proved? People will use studies as proof of everything…)

One thought on “Balloon’s Burst GPA

  1. Good ol’ studies, they can prove anything. I’ve heard that video games improve IQ scores and chocolate milk helps your body absorb more vitiman D than white.

    as shown, i tend to focus on the ones that support me and leave the others behind, with no further investigations into how the studies were actually done. I would guess studies would prove most people are like that.

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