See Sean at the Pole…

People have asked what school I will be at for See You At the Pole (September 24th), but just like last year I am going to let YOU decide! To get me to your school is easy. Just take a picture of you and friends in front of a flag pole.

  You will get one point for every person in the photo. So get all your friends together for the picture (they do not have to be part of our church). Also you can send in more than one photo as long as the flag in the back is different! You will receive two bonus points for every Mr. Potato Head in the photo! (NO PHOTOSHOP EDITING!)

  The photos must be emailed or brought back to me by NEXT SUNDAY @ 4pm (September 21). I will announce the winner on the blog and at choir that evening. Make sure you tell me which school you attend!

  As a bonus Jay Frye is going to come with me to the winning school! Sean and Jay… life can’t get any better! (ha)

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