Mornings that begin with Megan’s waffles for breakfast are always good, but every time we find ourselves waiting for the orange light to signal the perfect golden brown waffle is ready…

 Sometimes I think we move through life waiting for the waffle light. Of course we are rarely literally staring at the waffle light, but we are waiting. Maybe we are waiting for the weekend or the new video game or our parents to finally get us a cell phone or a certain boy to notice us or…  So rather than enjoy life, we find ourselves longing for something out of our grasp. Like Wendall, we stare at the waffle light, with our forks ready, oblivious to the world around. And while we stare we complain about what is missing.

  Of course the only thing we are actually missing is the life that we could be living. Moments we will never have again.


Advance 08

[rockyou id=123041237&w=500&h=375]

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