Help Wanted…

Steven, the speaker on Wednesday night, was a total riot act and his humor made me excited to see the new movie Fireproof (from the makers of Facing the Giants, click here to check out the trailer)! Of course he was not all jokes and one thing he said offhandedly has been on my mind. He mentioned God is looking for workers but all the part-time positions were already filled… It is strange to consider God putting an ad in the help wanted section. But as I look around the church there are a lot of positions that could easily be an ad. Take my job: “Looking for a handsome and witty…” Uhh, actually Aaron recently said he would like to be a youth minister and I asked why? He respond that he was halfway there since he already roots for a losing team… the bum! Plus the Royals are NOT in last place this year!

  I think many of us would be surprised to discover our lives as Christians have little to do with the job description! Many of us do things God could care less about and many jobs He wants done are unfilled! Plus for most of us Christianity is a part time gig. Yet God does not have any part time positions, He is asking for our whole lives. God is not so much concerned with our dress or with our economic status (which consume our thoughts). In reality the work He desires is for us to love Him and to love our neighbor!

  Of course God is not running a business. He has not posted help wanted ads. He does not hand out progress reports … but He has given us an example follow. And the testimony of Christ found in the scripture will make all of us realize we are NOT doing the right job… even me… Thankfully Aaron is right, rooting for losers is part of the job, because God is willing to walk beside us.

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