Exciting News…

Announcement: Every year the youth budget buys t-shirts for the group, but they are not free! Instead each shirt will cost $10 with every cent going to do ministry in Iraq (click here fore more details)! Form and payment will secure your shirt. These are due back by October 29th!!!

Click here for the 08-t-shirt-form


With a little fear, but with GREAT JOY Megan and I want everyone to know that we are expecting a baby! The due date is May 19 (our anniversary) and the little one is developing perfectly (or at least into a perfect peanut shape!). In the picture our baby’s heart was racing at 162 beats per minute, which is totally normal… and after the events of this year I sure both my and Meg’s hearts were beating at the same rate! Praise God!

 Please be in prayer for our new baby. Pray that the baby will develop perfectly and be born healthy. Also be in prayer for Megan. Part of the reason we making this announcement is that Megan has been sooo sick! Hence she is not here today…

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