“I have learned the world is not all black and white, nor is it gray. There is a certain beauty to living in color…” – Scott Rigdon

In staff meeting this week, as we discussed adding some creative elements to our worship services, Becca mentioned how the children wore God glasses this summer at camp. We joked about how it would be nice if people came to service expecting to see God and Andy added that it would be even better if we kept the glasses on as we went out into the world…

   Society is in the middle of great transition. The pipes of the old system are bursting and worldviews are in collision. For generations the facts of science reigned over humanity (Modernity), the world was black and white. Now upheaval is taking us to a new way of thinking (Post-Modernity). For a time I thought this place would be shades of gray-as though we were stars in the sitcom Leave it to Beaver. But truth is much too large to be experienced in anything but living color!

   What does all this mean? When a tornado ripped Dorothy from her home, she move from black and white to the color of Oz. While there she experienced all kinds of danger-really it was a fearful place (with the same fear many look at the unknown future). The truth of this new world was confusing, even the great Emerald City was green not by paint, but by green tinted glasses (read the book, people!). Yet, there was a path laid out before her. A path traced long ago. One that would lead her to the truth!

   While Dorothy longed to return to the grayscale life, there is no looking back for us. We have moved into the confusing land of Oz- but our savior has been here already. He has marked the way for us. So let us use His vision and discover the beauty of living in color…

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