cross road…

mexico violence

For multiple years drug cartels in Mexico have been at war; fighting for the exclusive rights to feed our illegal addictions. The violence has left thousands dead and made kidnapping for ransom common place. Police have been executed in the streets and, in retaliation, police have executed gang members…

   Just recently this has become front page news in the US. Of course my little brother is building houses in Croc, Mexico. In his little town there are no signs of the rage that fills the border cities, but when the news reports reached youth groups here they began to back out of their plans to come on a mission trip… **

“Anyone who does not take up his cross and follow me is not  worthy of me.” (Jesus in Matt 10:38)

 Where will our faith take us? Will we risk the danger or will we remain on the sidelines-to watch others? Will sideline faith save us?

  We live in church that demands it my way. We leave or stop coming if the pastor irritates us, or if the service does not offer our worship style or if-God forbid-they change service times… In an effort to keep people we create churches that do not require risk. That do not require sacrifice. That do not require the cross… that are not worthy of Christ.


   Imagine with me a church where people did not get their feathers ruffled when the pastor spoke about money. For that matter, imagine if they actually gave more. Imagine a church where Mike Toomey’s praise band and Stan’s choir could just switch one Sunday and no one would mind. For that matter they would sing even louder. Imagine a church where people did not talk  behind each other’s backs. For that matter imagine if we we would go to the person to confess our feelings. And even more imagine if we began to work in humble service, for the very one we had a struggle…

My God let this be possible…

   I know people do not hear me when I speak. Or they wonder if I am sullied in the communion wine (for that matter they wonder if I am old enough to be near wine). But I promise there is more than what we see every Sunday. And, people, I want it. I want to be a part of sacrifice.  I am tired of the common, the coddled.  I want the cross, no matter the risk…


 ** Of course I am not going to sympathize with protective parents and I am sure someone is going to stay, Sean are you insane! And maybe I am… but not for this. Protective parenting is certianly mainstream to the point that one is riduculed if we do not coddle! Yet this very action is what creates a church without the cross. Bluntly, a selfish church. Of course I am not saying we should be needlessly risky, but going on mission to Croc is no more risky than traveling anywhere overseas (probably less risky than any metropolitain area). And if God has called us to go on mission, how can we not follow? Even if it is risky!

As a parent this will be a struggle, but I must realize my child is not mine… Ivy and Phoebe and our future children are God’s children. I must be prepared to give them up to His will. Just as I must be prepared to give my own life up to Him. If I am not prepared to do this then my faith is useless. And worse, I render my child’s faith useless (at least for a time).

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