The End of… Huh?

huh?My last blog, The End of Mail, brought a ton of questions, so let me write an introduction…

Everyday while I am home for lunch Ivy and I walk down the driveway and get the mail. I have always loved getting the mail, in part because I do all my bills online. This means the mail box is not filled with money requests, but a monthly note from my parents (filled with clipped coupons, to help save money), or an announcements, or newsletters, or… Of course there is junk mail, but I take a little pleasure in knowing a credit card company still wants to give me a card!

But as I said, I pay my bills online and more and more all my information comes through my email. The church Interpreter is now found in my inbox. So I know it is only a matter of time before everything comes digitally (goodness, even books are digital with the Amazon kindle – man I am not going to be happy when I have get that plastic LCD rather than a crisp paper book… “a page turner” will just be a phrase, like “going off half-cocked“, and no one will remember where it came from). This means someday the mail will stop…

So in my last blog I envisioned the day the mail stopped running. Of course you may wonder why it would not have stopped long before the moment I envision, but I think the mail is sentimental. Meaning it will run far beyond it time of usefulness, in part because “old-man Sean” is our there throwing a fit to keep it…

Also, if you have not seen the movie, The Matrix, there may be some confusion. In short the movie is about a virtual world, the Matrix, that people are plugged into; living their entire life inside the computer generated world.

The final questions in the blog first started ruminating threw a poem by RS Thomas:


And the machines say, laughing
up what would have been sleeves
in the old days: ‘We are at
your service.’ ‘Take us’, we cry,

‘to the places that are far off
from yourselves.’ And so they do
at the price that is the alloy in
the thought that we can do without them.

My little brother, Jake in Croc, left a great comment on the blog, bringing my feelings to this reality – rather than the chaotic reality I imagined. So be sure to check it out!

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