Choir Tour 09 – A Random Video

Ok. Before this trip the youth group got a Flip camcorder (pocket sized camcorder), with the hope of posting short, easy to load videos. Of course I am still getting the hang of it and have found that it is difficult to hold the little thing steady with taking group. But here is a short video of some of the guys. I made them put up there I-pods and PSP’s (to which they shouted “age discrimination”, a term I further butcher in the video) and asked them to answer a random question.  First someone asked, “If a tree falls in the woods…”, but it quickly turned to the varient, “If a tree falls on a mime…” Now the actual varient does not end with, “does it make a sound?”, rather it ends with “does anyone care?” Still the boys got caught up in the question and wondered if anyone would hear the mime… Be prepared, it is silly and chaotic…

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