Choir Tour 09 – Day 4

Rain was predicted for tomorrow, so we moved Busch Gardens up one day…

[rockyou id=138599969&w=500&h=375]

The Clapping Trees

Isaiah 55:8-13 (click here for scripture)

Springsteen Piano

Without you I’m workin’ with the rain fallin’ down
Half a party in a one dog town
I need you to chase the blues away
Without you I’m a drummer girl that can’t keep a beat
An ice cream truck on a deserted street
I hope that you’re coming to stay
                                ~ “Waiting on a Sunny Day” [Springsteen]

trees page

“Pizza Plants”—Ship’s Captain in Wall-E ~ As you read yesterday, Ivy takes art to a new level every week with her Mother’s Day Out projects. Recently she made this little flower. Notice how the label “stem” is upside down, to represent our upside society which receives value from the wrong source—she really is brilliant. Of course she did not know that seeds produced plants, so Megan was trying to explain to her how a seed is planted in the soil. Then water and sunlight enable the little seed to grow. Megan used her art as an example and asked what her little seed grew into and Ivy shouted, “muffins!” …Ivy's Art

 Moving into our house, the backyard was literally overrun with weeds and vines and dead trees. I set out to make improvements, but first I had to remove all of the bad plants… they were not going to transform from thorny vines into a crape myrtle! That only happens in our imagination!

   But that is exactly what happens in the Kingdom of God. Beyond our normal reality, the bad is made good. The worthless, valuable!


Pacman Points

Thorn bush and briers ~ Throughout the book thorn bushes and briers have been a symbol of God’s judgment. “I will make [Israel] a wasteland, neither pruned nor cultivated, and briers and thrones will grow there.” Isaiah 5:6). But now God has set course for redemption! 


Flower Questions

IMAGINE: Weeds transforming into flowers. What would that do to lawn service companies? What will happen to churches and ministers if the world was ruled by God? …

How are God’s ways higher than our ways? …

One thought on “Choir Tour 09 – Day 4

  1. Great stuff Sean, I’ve enjoyed reading all these and seeing the pictures from what looks like a very fun trip! I’ve especially enjoyed the Springsteen lyrics, today’s is from one of my favorites!

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