Mobile Attack...


Ivy’s old mobile broke (we left it in the attic and the batteries exploded in acid death), so in an effort to save the planet I recycled it as wall art in my office. But as I was looking at it today I wondered how Ivy must have felt about the spinning crazy eyed animals… this seems like it has the potential to lead to major counseling! 


Parents Crossing...


A thought for parents…

  As we move into the Fall our students not only dive back into school studies, but also into many temptations. I am sure you have heard of the “sexting” rage among students (texting lewd messages or photos, often of other students). This may seem a far off problem which does not occur here in our community, but I know of students who have received images of others on their phone. It has occurred even in the mid-school; thankfully it was not our students in the photographs—but it was other students. While I do not think every student is participating, I am also sure I do not know of every instance.

  Please do not go into a panic, but be aware. Do not hesitate to talk with your student about both the moral and legal implication of sending photos. A easy step to take is to have your cell phone provider block picture messages in you student’s phone (which will thrill you student, but what are parents for except to be old codgers who do not understand and are ruining their lives… )

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