blog 09.13.09   Ivy is now in Mrs. Patti’s K3. The wonderful Mrs. Berry is her teacher and the other day they made real lemonade. They squeezed the lemons, added sugar, and then drank the perfect mixture!

   When Ivy got home I would like to say she told us all about it, but she never tells us these stories (instead she will mention that a boy pottied on the playground or someone hit her little friend). But at dinner that night, while we talked about the day, Ivy quickly drank her milk. Then she took her grapes and began to squeeze out the juice into her empty cup. Of course we reacted with startled shouts and then laughter…

   But it was great to see Ivy put Mrs. Berry’s lesson into action. That is why we teach and it is also a purpose of our worship service. The purpose is not just about being present, but the KEY is what we do with the message have heard and songs we have sung!

(Random: Give me your feedback on the “the key” moment in the contemporary service. It may be a little strange, but I hope it will also convey meaning!


  • See You At The Pole  ~  If you would like me to come to your school bring in a donation to benolence this Wednesday. The school with the most items will be my destination. (Items counted by number, not by cost.)
  • The Scavanger Hunt is Saturday, Sept 19th. Be in the Harbor by 4 (not late… because you may be left behind!)
  • SuperFAN  ~  I want to go see you game, competition, play, recital, etc… but I have to know about them. Sign-up on the list in the Harbor!

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