America and choosing our Idols…

“A pessimist is one who makes difficulties of his opportunities and an optimist is one who makes opportunities of his difficulties.” ~ Harry S Truman

I have not been home in a year and a half, so it was more than refreshing to see the “Welcome to Blue Springs” sign as we sped along I-70 (And I mean “sped”, Ivy was in melt down mode after two days in the car! While Phoebe was content… already the personalities shine.). Of course I had not seen the new signs, which adds “the home of David Cook, American Idol Winner” **…

First, let me say, David is a really nice guy. This comes from my sister, who sang with David in High School. So I can respect him for treating my sister kindly. BUT…

I can not believe my hometown is now the home of a reality show winner. And throwing it in my face was the billboard right next to the road sign. The billboard advertised for our neighboring city, Independence, and read, “Visit the home of Harry S Truman”. He was a man whose life does not require a tag-line explaining his accomplishment!** I am sure one of my middle school students does not know Harry Truman—and has a crush on David Cook—but I am not going to provide an explanation. Google him, long after David Cook passes into obscurity, he will still be revered (really David is already off the map, the sign should read, home of Jacob Taylor, missionary to Mexico… at least I could respect the accomplishment…).

As we enter the holidays, the HOLY days, who or what will you set apart (holy means “set apart”)? Will it be trivial, surface, what is already passing away? Or will your focus be on the relevant, deep, eternal?…

** All towns are the home of someone. So it should be someone quite spectacular if the tagline “home of” is going to be added. If the person requires a definition—like American Idol Winner—then seriously, leave them off the sign… admittedly I am little bitter…

2 thoughts on “America and choosing our Idols…

  1. Reminds me of a preacher story that’s told of two young American men hiking through Europe. In each city they’d stop and visit the birthplaces of famous historical figures. Coming into one city they asked an old man sitting at the city gate, “Were there any great men born in this city?”

    The man, perhaps not fully understanding their English, nevertheless answered wisely, “No great men, only small babies.”

    Blessings my friend – we miss you and the fam.

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