“For a ‘crowd’ is the untruth.”  ~  Kierkegaard**

While at Fall Retreat the middle school boys broke a fixture with 300 watt bulb, which was the largest wattage I had ever seen. I automatically thought about efficiency and compact fluorescents… Which I guess is one thing that has come out of all the climate talks. Again this week the world’s politicians gathered to discuss climate change*, but the most real change we can hope for is that they will ban 300 watt light bulbs (of course there will be an amendment that allows third world countries or FCLA camps to continue using them…).

With all the speeches and desperation that comes out of these summits very little ever changes. Politics in general create so much tension, but rarely relieve anything or anyone. The only guaranteed results of all this pomp and circumstance seems to be chattering conversation…

Which brings us to a moment when everything changed. God comes into the world and yet it happens in a barn—no one was willing to open a space for a king who arrives without pomp and circumstance. And the only ones to get the announcement are shepherds. As I said on Wednesday, today it would be like angles speaking to the late night crew at Wal-Mart. God passed over all the leaders and preachers and wealthy and… Of course He did tell a few rich guys from “the East” – which would be like telling someone from the same place today, “Hey oil-rich Muslim…”

Where were the celebrities and brilliant minds to proclaim the birth? I mean didn’t God care about advertising? Didn’t He want it to work? …

*Now by mentioning Copenhagen I have just set in motion a crazy process—at least for adults. One where we automatically jump to one side or the other. And we judge everyone on the other side, making political views on measure of holiness… As though politicians could guide us anywhere—seriously, what are we thinking! … On the whole issue of Climate Change, the cartoon to the left describes my attitude. The issue is not consuming less so we save the planet, but consuming less so we save ourselves. We are addicted to stuff – the green world would leave us addicted, albeit to other products. Only Christ would grant us liberation…

** My writting is often pushing the Middle School standard and this quote is well off the map, but I love the thought: “There is view of life which conceives that where the crowd is, there also is the truth, and that in truth itself there is need of having the crowd on its side. There is another view of life which conceives that wherever there is a crowd there is untruth… a crowd to which any sort of decisive significance is attributed, a voting, noisy, audible crowd—untruth would at once be in evidence. For a ‘crowd’ is the untruth.”  ~  from “That individual”,  Soren Kierkegaard

Greg mentioned that Clark was diving into some existential writers and that sent me back to a couple of books. I must say I love Kierkegaard. I must also say that the world could use a few people willing to risk the crowds anger and stand on the truth…

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