Dr. Two Brains

“Hi! I’m Captain Huggy Face, Superhero. Would you give me a ride to the nearest bust stop?”

Captain Huggy Face’s Note Card

Over the past few weeks Ivy has gotten excited about a PBS television show called Word Girl. It is clever, while admittedly a little silly. The main character, Word Girl, is from the planet Lexicon, but crash landed here when she let her monkey drive the space ship (Captain Huggy Face). Of course no one knows Word Girl is actually Becky Botsford, mild mannered 5th grader—with an affinity for words and unicorns…

One of the villains in the show is Dr. Two Brains. He was once a brilliant scientist, but in an experiment gone wrong his brain was fused with a vicious albino mouse’s brain (notice the second brain, in the picture below)… now he is consumed with stealing cheese.

Last week we took Phoebe to see Dr. Middlebrooks. At her 6 month check up he found fluid in her ear, which was getting infected. So after the antibody treatment he wanted to again check her ears. While we were there Ivy was asking her usual barrage of questions, but each time she addressed him, “Dr. Two Brains why are you…”

The difference between reality and imagination is not always obvious. Certainly Ivy confuses the two, but it can be difficult even for us. Sometimes things that appear real and relevant, prove pointless. While what appears common, is actually what will make us super. Finding the difference will require us to look beyond the surface—beyond the excited, advertised, popular… just as Christ came and was missed by the king and the religious leaders. Found only by those who would chase the star—which lead beyond their own borders, even beyond their own beliefs…

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