The choir will now sing, “How Great Thou Aaarrrrt!” …
~ Talk Like a Pirate Day Website – When Sept 19 falls on a Sunday.

While not as famous as Talk Like a Pirate Day, Ivy declared this past Tuesday to be Cowboy Day. We all put on bandanas and got out our pretend lassos to wrangle some cattle (surprisingly I am not that good with a pretend lasso, I struggled to capture the cows). Of course the game did not stop when we left the house, so we went out with our blue bandanas. We made a stop on the way home at the pharmacy and I went in by myself. There I stood in line with my bandana—thankfully not in “bandit mode”, with it pulled up over the mouth. Still, I felt really goofy as I waited for off brand Advil Cold and Sinus, which contains pseudoephedrine**… of course I am buying the material for meth, with my blue bandana…

**Who made up this word. Seriously, this must end spelling bees across the nation—at least it would be the end for me… granted Meg said I should not worry, since I would have been eliminated in the early rounds.

It is funny, how even though I am a mature adult I can get embarrassed just like a child. In the restaurant, with the girls, people asked about our bandanas. Then I could say, “it is Ivy’s cowboy day”. They may have thought I was nuts, but I was not troubled. Yet, when the person behind the register stared… well, I felt more than silly.

Our life is made of many compartments. Things appropriate in one, is chaos in another. And as adults it seems the time for play only opens when a child is involved. To pretend or dance or sing at the top of our lungs… well, we wouldn’t want people to stare. So we box up playtime. Then, when we find ourselves with children, normal roles reverse. We discover that we are ones who must be taught…

“NO, the cows are over there daddy!” …

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