Our Strength ~ Entangled (Tour)

If you weave the seven braids of my head into the fabric on the loom and tighten it with the pin, I’ll become as weak as any other man.” ~ Judges 16:13

Judges 16:1-3

Take time to read Judges 16:1-3, Samson and a prostitute from Gaza. Consider how Samson controls his desires…

Dwight Connection: Samson’s lie in 16:13 invites his hair to be weaved, in the same vein, sin has weaved its way into his life!

Splash ~ Every Spring, as the weather turns, I find that my pond attracts suicidal lizards. And this year is no exception with two lizards meeting their demise and the ponds power is expanding.  Now I have found a bird and what looked like a tiny possum—smiling even at  the end…

I doubt that their life had become so pointless that suicide was the only answer (since animals are wise enough to know that life is never so pointless!). Instead they came for a drink of water and slipped into the pond. The walls were too slick to climb out…

No matter our parents our destiny is not marked out by their hopes and dreams. Instead our choices decide our fate. And choices are entangling—both good and bad. Whatever we step into becomes a part of life and we will find it constantly tempting us. And we find that we want more and more—so the deeper we sink…

For Samson, a look became a lust and soon destructive addiction…

Morals Anyone?

Imagine a story about a leader from today that began “One day…” and ended with him spending the night with a prostitute… People would freak and never make it to the gate ripping conclusion! But the author of Judges does not bat an eye. And morality in the Old Testament is often a little off kilter. There is Tamar who pretends to be a prostitute and is justified (Gen 38). And do not forget that every husband seems to have more than one wife…

Keys to reading the Old Testament: First, the authors have not spruced up the story. This is life as it happened and parts are not how God intended. Second, the life God intended was lived by Jesus Christ. So He must be the guide for our interpretation (both His Spirit and the His story in the New Testament). Third, the stories point to God’s graciousness. He uses the imperfect to bring His plans. So we find in Matthew’s genealogy, that it was through Tamar’s child that Christ would be born. REMEMBER the hero in the story is God—not humanity!!!


1. How would you describe Samson’s life at this point? What motivates him? …Why is he still blessed with strength?
2. If Samson was not selfish what good could he have accomplished?
3. Why do characters in the Bible often seem morally challenged?

Click Pic Below to check out Photos from Day One and Two

One thought on “Our Strength ~ Entangled (Tour)

  1. I really like the Tour Pics picture. The coloring and the cross looks cool. We miss you, Sean! Love you! The pics of the kids look good too.

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