Our Strength: Regrow (Tour)

“But the hair on his head began to grow again after it had been shaved.” ~ Judges 16:22

Judges 16:21-31

Take time to read Judges 16:21-31, Samson’s redemption. Notice that it seems to begin even before he prays…

Dwight Connection: This is not a quote, because for the first time Samson is not able to act on his own desires… and here he finds redemption!

As a student I went with the youth group to a big event. The packed crowd listened to the speaker and he told a story I have never forgotten. He spoke about being invited to a friend’s house who was in a crisis. They asked him for advice, but they also asked him to pray. As prayed, he said, the words came out of his mouth and floated up towards the ceiling. Only to bounce off and drop back to the ground. Popped like  Ivy’s balloon that was caught by the ceiling fan!

The speaker explained that his own life was also in crisis. Not from an outside event, but because he was not following Christ. Therefore God would not hear his words… Right when I heard this story, I doubted the speaker.* Surely God has not left us—surely He hears our prayers…

For Samson, when his hair was cut, it seemed God left him. While it felt to Samson as if he was alone, God did not really banish him. Instead God had removed the blessing.** So when Samson cried out, God heard the cry. And God answered the cry. And in grace restored the blessing.

Star Gazer (**)

* Questioning the speaker… In HS the camp speaker was comparing the Philip in Acts (one of seven to serve widows) to his life as a disciple. But a note in my bible said how the Philip in Acts was not the same person as the disciple Philip. So I went up and told the speaker. He told me not to trust everything I read… of course at the end of camp, the speaker—who left early—had a message read, that a certain student was right… Long story, to say, test what a speaker says and ask Christ if is the truth. A speaker will have degrees and experiences, but NO one has greater access to the throne than YOU!

** Blessings… Following Samson’s lead we often define the presence of God based on blessings. When things are good, God is close. When things are bad, we cry, “Why would God abandon us?” But the realty is that God is near no matter the circumstance and He hears our cries…


1. Did God actually leave Samson?… Why did Samson feel abandoned?
2. 16:31 declares that Samson led Israel twenty years. How was Samson a leader? Where was he leading Israel?
3. Why is Samson remembered?

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