“This feels like the end of loyalty.” ~ Friend of Joe Posnanski, on his blog (click here to see his blog)

I did not watch Lebron’s made for TV special. I could not stomach a whole hour watching Lebron declare his love—as Alex dreamed, only the roses were missing for the basketball bachelor. And in the end his heart went to Miami. But in my mind the announcement was a low blow. Not only to leave Cleveland, his home, but to create a ESPN show to declare the decision.

I suppose my roots in KC, loving the Royals, has built me to crave loyalty. Too many players have stripped the Royal blue for money in other places (the only thing worse would have been for Lebron to announce he was leaving for the Yankees—ugh, I hate the Yankees). And maybe my hope—that a player could be loyal—is dated to by-gone era. In today’s society we all bounce from job to job, chasing opportunities and dollars. Rarely, today, does someone work for 40 years at the same company… a feat many of our grandparents accomplished… So maybe I am expecting the ridiculous, because loyalty did not end with Lebron. It died long ago…

Of course really loyalty has not died. Instead, rather than the company or community, we have become loyal to ourselves, as Lebron said, “I had to do what was best for Lebron…” And this is a bitter reality to swallow…

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