Puppy Dog Tales…

When I get a puppy can I go ride my bike and let my puppy pull me?” ~ Ivy

Ivy has started praying for a puppy. I would laugh at this but the last time she prayed continually was for a rainbow and you remember the amazing double rainbow over Augusta—Ivy and I danced underneath. So, while I swear we are not getting a puppy, who knows… plus Jesus said I shouldn’t swear, so I am already working against my dream of a puppy free life!

Still, her dream of puppy bike rides is a good idea. When I was in college it snowed 16 inches during finals week. So, while we should have been studying; instead we went out to a field and tied a rope onto my friends SUV. We sat down on disc sleds and he pulled us all over the place. It was crazy, but amazing—one of my best snow experiences. [Finals are important—as a part of school. So do not misunderstand, but do understand that there are times in life to drop everything and enjoy God’s creation. Like when He gives you 16 inches of snow, just make sure you thank Him and not only your friend with the SUV!]

Of course our dreams don’t always work out. Even Ivy’s dream, if we did get a puppy, would not be as she imagines. Just picture a golden retriever leashed to her training wheel bike. I am not sure the dog could pull her, but if it could I am sure it would only end in tears…  And I would be talking under my breath about how we should have never gotten a stupid dog…

At breakfast I was talking about the Taco Bell commercials where a girls hides bacon in her purse, a perfume smell to attract guys (I am using a commercial in the contemporary service, so advertisements are on my mind!). Ivy overheard and asked if she smelled good. I replied, “Yes, but you do not smell like she did.” And she responded, “Don’t say shedid, it’s a bad word!” I laughed, “No, shedid is two words, not a bad word.”

“But stupid is a bad word.” “Yes, Ivy, stupid is a bad word…

Even when referring to an imaginary dog…But it might be appropriate when we stop believing God will do what we ask Him. No wonder Ivy gets all the rainbows …  She believes! …

I guess we should start coming up with dog names.

Another random Ivy quote which made me laugh: When we told Ivy we needed to go get school supplies, she replied, “You mean, like, popsicles.”

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