Plunge Recap: EAST

After being cussed at and then hit in the head with a passenger’s bag, the flight attendant snapped. He took up the intercom and berated the passages, then opened the emergency exit, grabbed a beer from the beverage cart, and slide down the emergency  raft to the ground (obviously they were not in the air – though my dad thought a parachute would make this story that much better!). When the flight attendant hit the ground he ran across the parking lot and drove home… only to be arrested.

Life is not always what we expect. In the video a pillow fight breaks out on flight from Tel-Aviv. But the more famous story is about some guy snapping – albeit in a way we have all dreamed of – and getting arrested! Last week we looked at Ezekiel 34:1-6, when God arrive from the east and fills the temple. His arrival came with the same power as when He entered to destroy – so Ezekiel was afraid. But this time is different…

Ezekiel 47:1-12

When Ezekiel is lead up the temple he finds that water is flowing out from the door – as the plumbing exploded. From the temple the water begins as trickle, but the angel lead him into the water. And with each step the water gets deeper (1000 cubits is over 5 football fields, so he waded a long distance). Soon it has become a river no one can ford – something very destructive. And yet when Ezekiel looks down the river he see the unexpected. The powerful river has brought healing and growth. The river flowing in to the EAST (mentioned four times) is bringing salvation!

And this compass direction is the key. The river flows EAST, alone the same path that God entered the city. In his steps, the river of salvation flows!

In the same way Jesus journeyed to the cross. And we meet Him at the cross and we move out in the world flowing the path He has marked for us. Flowing His steps!

We bring something into this world. but we must choose our path. We can take our own way or submit ourselves to the way of Christ. Each path may seem appealing, but we can not take both. God is the powerful King. He not like the current English figure head, but the ruler of the world. If we refuse him, our path will lead to our arrest. If we submit to Him, and join the flow of the river, our path leads to joyous salvation.

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