Going Viral #15 — Mark 15:33-47

Covid19 has us stuck at home preparing for Easter… but we can mark each day with devotion. Click here if you missed a past day’s reading.

Mark 15:33-47

“Follow me,” Jesus called. And the disciples did for the last three years. They gave up livelihoods. Lived as vagabonds.

All for the dreams of where Jesus was taking them. Only they arrived here… the arrest… the trial… the cross. This is not how it was supposed to go.

Yesterday I was contacted by the Courier-Tribune. They wondered if we still planned an egg hunt and kite flying. Of course, like everything else, it is canceled. We are living in a moment of deferred dreams. Lost memories.

The days are not working out as we imagined, but that does not mean God isn’t active. Look for signs of redemption. Participate in bringing redemption.*

* Like yesterday, we woke up to find friends had set out an Easter Egg hunt in our front yard!

Deeper: The cross — so much has been written about the cross and why Jesus had to die. As the church we often simply talk about Jesus had to die to pay the price for our sins (which is in itself part of several theories). But the whole idea is highly debated. And I have found the different theories each bring an important point. For instance one of the earliest theories of the church is called Moral Influence. That the life AND death of Jesus are catalysts for our own life. The cross was not something simply for Jesus to accomplish, but it was an example for all of us.

“My God, My God, why have you forsaken me.” (v34) — This verse has received much commentary. How could part of the Trinity be abandoned? Yet some commentators view this as a quote from Psalm 22:1. The Psalm includes being mocked (v7-9), strength dried up (v15-16), hands and feet pierced (v16), and garments divided (v18). Yet ends triumphantly, “All the ends of the earth will remember and turn to the Lord” (v27).

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