In For Repairs

During the marriage retreat each couple took a Meyers-Briggs personality test. We discussed the tendencies of our personalities and broke out into small groups  to demonstrate the differences. But the second day was the most interesting, as we learned how our personalities change in crisis. A thinker may become a feeler under great stress (just […]

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If you are friends with Meg on Facebook you saw this quote. We took the girls with us to vote and as Phoebe got out of the van, she said: “Where is the water?” Meg: “Huh?” Phoebe: “Where are all the boats?” Meg: “We are Voting not Boating!” Now, after all the television ads and […]

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Joe Posnanski, in a recent article, pointed me to the CNN Electoral Map. The map begins with polling predictions, but it is interactive. So the user can change states to vote in favor for their candidate and watch the electoral college swing back and forth. Joe pointed the way toward an electoral tie, which would […]

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The colors of purity…

 I took the girls to donuts this morning and at Slivinsky’s they asked for a Princess Ivy and Princess Phoebe story. In this installment the girls were in the courtyard of their impressive castle bouncing a ball back and forth. With each bounce pass the ball changed colors. Blue… bounce… red… bounce… yellow… Then bounce […]

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Flu off the handle…

I got my flu shot a few weeks ago, but the reaction from others always surprises me. For some, my decision to get a flu shot is the most ridiculous thing I have done all year (even readers of this blog – who know my silly life). Let me break in here and talk about […]

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