In For Repairs

During the marriage retreat each couple took a Meyers-Briggs personality test. We discussed the tendencies of our personalities and broke out into small groups  to demonstrate the differences. But the second day was the most interesting, as we learned how our personalities change in crisis. A thinker may become a feeler under great stress (just ask Meg about me!).

In conversation we talked about moving each personality back to health. We then received sheets on how our individual personality should look when healthy. The section was titled, “Who God Created Me to Be…” and my final attribute: I should “appear arrogant at times”.

Of course appearing arrogant and being arrogant are two different things – a fine line to walk. And it is easy to step into a world where I am only concerned about my own opinion.

You saw this yesterday. I wrote a blog about how we stumble into sin by not considering our actions. Of course – ironically – my blog was a demonstration of the sin. I told a story and mentioned a specific friend… I only pondered my own cleverness. I did not consider how I painted the friend… which is the definition of arrogant (or maybe “jerk”).

I did pull the blog and sent an apology to the friend. But it was a healthy reminder of my own brokenness… that my attempts to bring healing are often empty. Since I am also in need of repair…

But in this we are grateful. For healing does not come through me. Nor through you. But it comes to all who will answer Christ’s call, “Come, Follow Me.”

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