Joe Posnanski, in a recent article, pointed me to the CNN Electoral Map. The map begins with polling predictions, but it is interactive. So the user can change states to vote in favor for their candidate and watch the electoral college swing back and forth. Joe pointed the way toward an electoral tie, which would result in the House voting for President and the Senate voting for Vice. A Romney/Biden match would surely make press conferences more exciting…

And the interactive map can be exciting – allowing us to play kingmaker (or President-maker). As I played with the map I really did not want to color it blue or red – my heart really wanted to make it green or orange – to choose someone else entirely.

It would be nice to play God with the votes and to make my dad President… Only is that what God does? Will the next President be His choice? Does He move as chess pieces?

Beyond the predestined debate, is God even focused on our next President? Is that how He changes the world?

The Politics of Jesus did not arrive in a palace, but a barn. His rise to power was not in the halls of government, but in the fields and countryside. The world’s leaders did not extol, but rejected him. So while the powerful celebrated the holiday – reveling in their own greatness, their own ability to set the future – they sent him outside the city gates. And it was there, mocked, surrounded by the least of society, that  everything was changed.

I do not think God is so worried if Tuesday brings Red or Blue. It is we who worry about the leaders and fret about the kings of this world. God wonders if outside the gates of power his fledging church will finally submit to the power of the cross.

3 thoughts on “Electing

  1. Dear Sean Taylor,
    You (my friend) are a poor writer. If you were a better writer I would surely be able to make sense of what you wrote. As usual, I hope you know I am only kidding. Enjoyed the post,

    1. Hey Friend, I thought about this week and all the cogs that are in motion in this world. An election is not just one person, but many. In many places. How each cog – while we focus only on the one – is in God’s concern. How a “lesser” (in our mind) cog may be His greatest concern. That this one piece, this one cog, should do or change or move… or maybe stay.

      I am reminded of a favorite poem – that has surely influences this whole thought and blog:

      Play by RS Thomas

      Your move I would have
      said, but he was not
      playing; my game a dilemma
      that was without horns.

      As though one can sit at table
      with God! His mind shines
      on the black and white
      squares. We stake our all

      on the capture of the one
      queen, as though to hold life
      to ransom. He, if he plays, plays
      unconcernedly among the pawns.

      1. Ok, ok, I relent. You’re a good writer, deep thinker, guilt-maker with some charisma…ok I know you are the guilt-maker but I’m more interested in pointing fingers at this point in my response.

        Enjoyed the poem. Made me think of what a friend reminded me today, win, lose, employed, unemployed…God is in control.
        Thanks sharing.

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