I want to be strong like Phoebe. — Mr E Not dad, but Phoebe? You can set your muscle goals a little higher… at least high enough to help your dad’s self-esteem! Who we model after matters. If our sights are set on your neighbor’s whatever (house, job, looks)… we may get there, but […]

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The news is filled with royal baby headlines, but the Royalty I am concerned about never delivers. This year has been especially difficult, because I bought the hype. I hoped for playoffs, but was ready to at least be competitive. And here we sit 8 games back, on pace to finish 10 games below 500. […]

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I ran cross country in high school. Not exceedingly well. I did not like the pain of running and without a ball to chase I was not motivated to overcome. Pull out a soccer ball, a baseball, a tennis ball, even a foursquare ball and I am motivated to run all over the place. But […]

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So this is Christmas

…If the preacher was immortal, his homily was not. There was a moment towards which it crept to die at the precise stroke of the [clock]… excerpt from the Conviction by RS Thomas I have been working on a funeral this morning. This adds to a long list of events in our church. Events that […]

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Coming Attractions

Phoebe: It’s Christmas! Meg: What? Phoebe: It’s snowing! That means it is Christmas. Someone has seen the movie White Christmas too often. And since my girls would like to watch it again tonight – I guess that someone is me. Because I knew instantly what Phoebe was referencing, and I understood how she could believe […]

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