george brett baby foodThe news is filled with royal baby headlines, but the Royalty I am concerned about never delivers. This year has been especially difficult, because I bought the hype. I hoped for playoffs, but was ready to at least be competitive. And here we sit 8 games back, on pace to finish 10 games below 500.

Across the state St Louis is in first place. Twelve games over 500. And they are wining despite being in the same division with the NL’s two leaders for the Wild Card. So, while I do not hate the Cardinals, I am jealous. Even more so to discover the “Clergy Pass”. My pastor friend in St Louis just received his pass id which allows him and a companion to attend any Cardinal’s home game for free (excluding Cubs and Yankees).

Of course the Royals do not have such a pass. Which could explain how the Cards are consistent winners – with 18 NL pennants and 11 World Series titles.  While the Royals have not competed since the 1994 strike, only finishing over 500 once in that time. God is on the Cardinal’s side, with priest’s and pastor’s prayers bringing literal angels in the outfield.

Okay, I do not really believe God sends angels into the outfield. I am not even sure God cares at all about baseball (going against my upbringing when my youth minister consistently declared baseball to be God’s sport). But I do wonder why I keep rooting for the Royals? I had not learned to read headlines when the team won the World Series – their last playoff appearance. I was a teenager the last time they came close to a playoff spot. And yet I faithfully follow the team. Read blogs about the team. Listen to games. And I will continue to root for the team – clergy pass or not. But why?

I am not even a defeated fan. However irrational I wonder if the wins could come this season. During the off-season, no matter this season’s results, I will become April’s Fool and believe the Royal’s time has come. Why? From where does this hope, against logic, come?

But in some ways – not just crazy Royal’s fans – this is a basic human trait. We are not Vulcan (Spock). We are driven beyond logic. Believing beyond evil, seeing beyond tragedy. At the bottom of Pandora’s box was hope. Amidst the darkness of this world, humanity finds potential. We Hope.

This trait is part of God’s image in us. An explanation for how He continues to reach out to save us. Against all logic. Pushing past the front pages stories that declare we are destroying ourselves. God sees a brighter future. God hopes. And this hope allows us to become children of the King. Royalty.

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