Hunting for the Church

I visited my good friend Joey this past week. His church offices are in a converted house, on a large lot surrounded by woods. During a leadership meeting Joey noticed a deer out the window. He asked to be excused and walked up to his office – a converted bedroom. He picked up his bow […]

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On Tuesday I arrived in the office. Spoke with Ellen and updated her on my day. Then I left for a meeting. When I returned, she was gone… Rain: On Saturday the whole family went to the Royals game for Eric Hosmer bobble-head night. It was a good game – the Royals are undefeated when […]

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“This is an old wart. We should just leave it alone.” ~ Phoebe Over the last month a wart appeared on Phoebe’s thumb – her sucking thumb. The doctor suggested Compound W bandaids. But Phoebe pulls them off during the night – making me worried the compound could kill her lips rather than her wart. […]

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Modern poets more often than not attach their words to music. As in any generation some are better than others. Certainly many musicians do not fall into the category of poet. And many poets are never discovered – at least not by the majority. This is not an indictment on the poet, but the majority […]

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Phoebe: “Are there pictures?” (Holding my book) Me: “No there are no pictures. See, just words.” Phoebe: “No, only A-B” Me: “See, words.” Phoebe: “No A-B!!” Me: “Oh, A-B-C’s! Yes, only letters.” Could you imagine a movie without a soundtrack? Often it is the music that captures the moment – more than the visual or […]

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