On Tuesday I arrived in the office. Spoke with Ellen and updated her on my day. Then I left for a meeting. When I returned, she was gone…

Rain: On Saturday the whole family went to the Royals game for Eric Hosmer bobble-head night. It was a good game – the Royals are undefeated when Darcy goes to the game (2-0). But the rain began. And soon we were moving up a row to get under the roof’s covering. This was not distressing – the land has become so shriveled we were excited for the drops. Excited for our yards and garden – for the farmers. Yet when we got back home our ground was dry. It does not rain everywhere.

By Wednesday morning I was standing in the room with Ellen. She gave me instructions on the bulletin and reminders about the office. Of course the “kids” just laughed. She was about to be wheeled into the operating room and who even cared if we had a bulletin on Sunday?! But this brought forward light conversation. Jokes and stories from when Kevin, Chad, and Megan were little. Kevin was irritated he had to go to PDO and preschool, “when do I get to play with MY toys?” But we turned to watch as Ellen was taken. She, who has given so much to PDO and to our church, was about to receive a gift. A chance to play and act in our lives longer. 

Rain: The water tower to Ronnie’s land had nearly run dry. In my little suburban mind – of lawns and gardens – I did not ponder a farmer could run out of water. Thankfully I do not water my grass. Though not from any high ideal, only to save money. But I have watered our garden, enough to produce a full amount of tomatoes and peppers. And I never pondered how I could be affecting the farmers nearby. I assumed there was a secret farm water supply… as though agriculture is a division of the CIA.

By Wednesday afternoon we sat in the waiting room – waiting. The room is appropriately named. But this waiting is not the same as standing in the DMV line or being stuck in traffic. Life hangs in the balance. And we waited, unsure of what the next moment will bring. Then the doctor arrived. He was cool and collected. Unlike so many doctors he gave me confidence – I would let him work on me. The operation went well. The new liver was working… 

Rain: Prayer does not always bring the answers we want.  I have prayed deeply that Ellen would receive a liver. But I have also prayed that my youth pastor would be healed. But Joey only continues to decline. I suppose this mix of results is why so few of us pray continually (or even daily) – after all it only seems to rain in a few places. Or maybe it is selfishness that drives our prayers. We each have things or people we do pray for deeply. But these prayers can become demands of God – each person praying water onto their own yard.

This leaves our lives parches. Leaves our church parched. Leaves our communities parched. Ground longing for the blessing of God.

I wonder how can you slowly. Day by Day. Become a person of constant, selfless prayer.

1Kings 18:41-46

One thought on “Rain

  1. Well written thoughts, Sean. Praying selfishly and selectively is human, I suppose.
    May our horizons be broadened.

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