Starving Fat People…

Plunge 09.19.07

Focus: Ezekiel 2

While 29,000 people die everyday of starvation, here in the US obesity has become an epidemic. This selfishness is phsycially visable, yet America suffers from an even greater sin: as we stuff our faces with food, the Bible has grown dusty… our spirit is starving. And the world is starving with us!

We often hear how the Bible is the number one selling book in history; however, I wager that if there was a study on which book is purchased, yet not read, the Bible would win hands down! Take the Mid School department. How many of us have read the Bible all the way through? For that matter, how many of us read the scripture daily? How many have even read a page in the last week?…

It is time for us to pick up the Bible and realize it is not an old book. But by the power of the Holy Spirit, it becomes the word of God to us, for us, and about us! I challenge you to start reading everyday. To make scripture a priority. Then you will discover the power of God is in your lives and there is hope for this world and all its problems!

Randomly the picture is of Mike Frits with a popped bubble of gum… cool huh?

2 thoughts on “Starving Fat People…

  1. That was a great example to use for your lesson I was really able to see the point of the lesson once I put alot of thought into it.


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