You mailed Sean to where?…

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Most of the time I struggle to understand the appeal of Garfield, but I always loved it when he would try to mail the cute kitten to some deserted island. Really, it gave rise to my dream of UPSing all my enemies to an island where only Wilson would be their friend… ok I had issues.

Still, the point of this first blog is for you to decide where to send me for See You at the Pole. Your comment-votes will decide my fate. Please only vote once. Make sure you mention the school for which you are voting. Unfortunately, since I will be at Evans on Thursday, they are out of the running.

12 thoughts on “You mailed Sean to where?…

  1. I love the pictures. You need to come see the EMS tennis team take on the greenbriar team @ Greenbriar High @ 4oclock. Knights RULE

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