Two heads are better than one?

two headed turtle

I’m Dr Jekyll and I am Mr Hyde, I’ve got Jesus on my skin and sometimes someone else inside… I’m not Bruce Wayne, so one of us is gonna have to die… ~ The Normals: Running from the Sun

   As we trek into October I started thinking about Halloween. With pumpkins and costumes, there is nothing to fear on Halloween—except maybe toothaches. In life what scares me the most is not found on the outside, but within. The Normals never took off in the Christian music world; yet, their lyrics capture our two faces. Part of me wants to follow Christ to the ends of the earth, even to death. Yet another part wants the most evil things… who am I?… I am supposed to be a minister and yet there an evil My Hyde within…

Their last line declares that grace is only found in the cross—the call to come and die. Part of me is gonna have to die… 

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